Problems that the therapist may encounter

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The problems that every therapist may face. Of course, the therapist, who is an expert in this field, is aware and can do some things for himself, but what he has said is that the seamstress cannot sew his own slack. At this point, you need to know how to get help from someone else.


Let the taboos fall! If a doctor has to go to the doctor when the patient is in need, the mental health worker can go to his colleagues if a tailor needs someone else to measure his body size. And that doesn't make that person a failure.

We can also go to the psychologist to recognize ourselves not only for pathological reasons. For example, in order to decide which sub-branch should we move, we participate in seminars, do internships, but they may not be enough.

In the seminars I attended, some psychologists said that they went to the psychologist during the undergraduate periods, and that they saw themselves and their positive effects on choosing their fields.

Perhaps the basis of the problem here is that we have a wrong social role for psychologists, or psychologists act on such a role.


Yes, maybe we should ask the question and act according to the answer: Psychology work or life style? Apart from the therapy, you identify them with this profession and expect them to look the same, or should the psychologist do the job only in the therapy room?

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