ProBit Exchange Lists ProximaX(XPX) with attractive trade contest.

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On the day of its mega launch, ProBit Exchange ( will be listing ProximaX (XPX) along with an attractive contest for the traders. Let’s take a look at ProximaX Project and have more details about the upcoming contest.


ProximaX is a blockchain-based platform spearheaded by the foundation. The main purpose of the project is to address the primary challenge of a lack of a serviced and decentralized structure for document proofing, storage, streaming content and message delivery. ProximaX platform will incorporate the NEM blockchain, Catapult platform and the utility token, XPX, to ensure an eco-friendlier technology with P2P internet protocols and integrated API-driven architecture.ProximaX will comprise on-chain and off-chain protocols with service layers for the development of more decentralized services and applications. These decentralized applications will feature on

Use Case

Some use cases include, but are not limited to, supply chain management, KYC, legal, compliance and notary solutions, identity privacy and security management, IoT data management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), traceability, documentation and reporting systems, and workforce collaboration.


ProBit founded by Hyunsu Do (CEO) and Steve Woo (CTO) is a new innovative digital asset exchange which will be open to trade from 30th Nov 2018. ProBit seeks to distinguish itself from copycat exchanges by being the most global, professional and secure digital asset exchange for traders.For ProBit, Security will remain the primary focus as they have placed protection of customer fund as a priority. Unlike other exchange which lacklustre security, ProBit will be deploying more detailed and elaborated security systems to protect customer fundsProbit will not only be featuring best in class security but a high-speed trading Engine that can process up to 1.5 Million TPS for smooth trades as well.

Trading Competition & Airdrops.

To celebrate the launch ProBit will be hosting not one but five ways to earn more XPX tokens till 13th December.

1. Trade XPX, Earn XPX Duration

Trading competition for XPX/BTC where Top 100 users can earn 4,000,000 tokens as rewards ( 3,000,000 for Global users and 1,000,000 for Korean users)

2. Deposit XPX Coins, Earn XPX

Deposit more than 12,000 XPX coins on ProBit exchange and receive 1,000,000 XPX, split equally between all users eligible.3. Social MediaJoin ProximaX and ProBit exchange Telegram group and then fill up a form to receive XPX on ProBit exchange. 1,000,000 XPX will be split between all eligible entries.

4. Hold PROB, Earn XPX

Holders of PROB tokens will receive 1,500,000 XPX split proportionally according to PROB tokens held

5. Trade XPX, Earn PROB Duration

Until 50% of PROB tokens have been mined. Users who trade XPX will receive PROB tokens. PROB tokens will be equivalent in value to 80% of trading fees incurred

Probit will be launching the exchange on 30th November.

If you don’t have a ProBit account, You can sign-up using this link here !!!For more details, you can visit.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended as investment advice. It is just my opinion about ProBit Exchange. As always DYOR. 

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