ProBit Exchange Lists KEY/BTC with US$50,000 worth of KEY coins up for grabs

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ProBit Exchange ( has announced the listing of SelfKey (KEY) on 13 Dec 2018 with attractive rewards up for grabs. Let’s take a look at the SelfkeyProject and why it will be a great addition to Probit assets

SelfKey is a self-sovereign identity system that is based on the blockchain and can provide control and management of digital identities to users using the concept known as the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSID). SelfKey is founded by Selfkeyfoundationand plans to govern it based on principles of self-sovereign identity. In simple words, the core theme for users of the network is to limit risk by storing and managing sensitive data themselves.

The above-given diagram shows the workflow of Selfkey. Documents are shared with third parties using public/private key cryptography which ensures that end users only have access to personal data when users specifically grant them access. Apart from that SelfKey has built which they term as “claims protocol” which allows only the necessary information (like age, nationality, or gender for example) to be shared with third parties. This helps to prevent the overflow of information between parties which often leads to data leaks and potential identity theft problems.The KEY tokens have several use cases within the SelfKey ecosystem.

  • the token can be used for the application of services such as citizenship and residency
  • KEY can be utilized for company incorporation and business services
  • the tokens are also used for the verification of new services and KYC application for new token sales


ProBit founded by Hyunsu Do (CEO) and Steve Woo (CTO) is a new innovative digital asset exchange which will be open to trade from 30th Nov 2018. ProBit seeks to distinguish itself from copycat exchanges by being the most global, professional and secure digital asset exchange for traders.For ProBit, Security will remain the primary focus as they have placed protection of customer fund as a priority. Unlike other exchange which lacklustre security, ProBit will be deploying more detailed and elaborated security systems to protect customer fundsProbit will not only be featuring best in class security but a high-speed trading Engine that can process up to 1.5 Million TPS for smooth trades as well.

Trading Competition & Airdrops Details(Duration — 14 Dec 2018–27 Dec 2018)

  1. Trade KEY, Earn KEY

Duration — 2 weeksA trading competition for KEY will be held where 5,000,000 KEY will be won by Top 100 global users, proportional to the volume of KEY traded. This contest is not eligible for US citizens.2. Trade KEY, Earn PROB

Users who trade KEY will receive PROB tokens. PROB tokens will be equivalent in value to 80% of trading fees incurred.3. Hold PROB, Earn KEY

Holders of PROB tokens as of 15:00 UTC on Dec. 18, 2018 will receive 10,000,000 KEY. The PROB tokens will be split into 3 tiers.Tier 1: Holders of > 250 PROB tokens receive 3,000,000 KEY split equally.
Tier 2: Holders of > 2,000 PROB tokens receive 3,000,000 KEY split equally.
Tier 3: Holders of > 10,000 PROB tokens receive 4,000,000 KEY split equally.The above distribution of KEY is cumulative. An account may be eligible for more than 1 tier, i.e. an account with 11,000 PROB tokens would be eligible for Tier 1, 2 & 3.This contest is not eligible for US citizens.

Probit exchange live now.

If you don’t have a ProBit account, You can sign-up using this link here !!!For more details, you can visit.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended as investment advice. It is just my opinion about ProBit Exchange. As always DYOR.

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