Prize Portal Paused

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Prize Portal is set up to use payouts from steemit and bitshares to purchase prizes for steemians. Entering is as easy as making a comment. So far we have given out Bluetooth speakers, drones and a few other cool things. Unfortunately @upfundme, and trying to build a web app for it has taken a lot of time and income.

For the next couple weeks no prizes will be given out, we will simply be collecting support and followers for when we start back up again.

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Voting for this post will allow prize portal to return to giving out prizes faster.


Hope to see prizeportal come back up soon. Loved the idea, and I loved entering. Thanks @taskmanger for funding it. Anything that we, the people who have entered prizeportal giveaways, can do to help?

When it starts back up help make it well known by resteeming the main giveaway posts, I think the biggest problem was a lack of following. Just setting up some of these "basic income" programs so it has a minimum value for posts to guarantee prizes can be paid for.

Yup, thats a good idea, @steembasicincome should be able to help pay for part of the prize. I'll share it with the people that I know are likely get following it. Everyone likes free things :). Getting the word out is very important.

Prizeportal is such a great project! I hope everyone on steemit gets word of what's going on here and gets on board. You're doing great things for the community! Thanks!