Prize Portal - Mini Quadcopter Giveaway (Enter Here To Win)

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The Prize Portal Is Back!

After a long pause the prize portal is spooling up again with a brand new format. No more confusing conditions to enter and everything has been replaced with a simpler structure. The main way to enter is by commenting on this post telling me why you want the prize or what you would use it for. This gives you entry into the contest/draw. Check out the @prizeportal blog feed for other giveaways.

This Giveaway Will Have "Over-Payment Protection"

If the payout of this post exceeds $50, another prize will be given out to the person with the best entry comment.
If the payout exceeds $100, another prize of greater value will be selected and given out. This prize will be drawn first from the pool of those entered, then the remaining prizes drawn or given out.

Bo Jiang S9 Folding R/C Quadcopter Drone


Smooth hovering performance features HD photos and videos capturing.
360 degree rollover function makes your aircraft turning around and around like a excited bird, let's enjoy more fun of rolling.

2.4GHz transmitter power ensures the strong anti-jamming capability.
With attractive headless mode, completely solving pilot "loss of orientation" problems.

With one key automatic return function, you can call back your quadcopter quickly and safety.
4 axis gyro:Strong stability, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.

Folding body, small size, easy to carry.
Unique fuselage design and high quality painting, outstanding appearance.

Remote control battery: 3*AAA(Not included)

Functions: forward, backward, left/right fly, trajectory flight,altitude hold, one key taking off/ landing, turn left, right, up, down, rolling around, headless mode, one key return

The Fine Print

Prize Portal will NOT be responsible for any import charges from any prizes shipped out. Your country may charge taxes when the prize goes through customs, if so this charge is the responsibility of the winner. Prizes will be purchased and shipped directly from the retailer to the winner unless otherwise stated. Prize Portal is NOT responsible for any lost or damaged prizes. Unless otherwise stated or shipping to your location is unavailable, all prizes will be available worldwide! Entry only possible before post payout.

Contest closes at post payout!

Winner will be announced shortly after that.


You can use the bitshares DEX to purchase a token called PPBITS, send these to task-manager using the URL of this post as the memo for a bonus entry per PPBIT.

You can buy PPBITS on openledger here


  1. Once on openledger and you have obtained your PPBITS, go to SEND

  2. In the To box enter task-manager

  3. Use the dropdown menu to select PPBITS then enter the amount of PPBITS to send. (This will be the amount of extra entries. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SELECTED PPBITS FROM THE DROPDOWN MENU!)

  4. In the MEMO box paste the URL of this post.

  5. Check it all over and hit SEND

So Just To Recap!

Comment below with why you want to win this prize! That's all you NEED to do to enter. Upvote is not a requirement, but all are appreciated! If you know how to use bitshares you can enter more than once using the pay to play system.
Winner will be decided at random.


If I had a copter like this I would use it in real life.

Kinda like I use this Seamoth in Subnautica. I just painted it. I hope you like it... and I hope I win. :)

Looks good timbo, I like the choice of green

A quick question: What happens if the amount required (for example $50 for this item) isn't achieved? Will the item have a second round of funding and earning from the first round are carried over? Or will the item be forgotten about and earnings from that post be used for other things?

If it reaches $50 we give away more than one. One will be given away even if the post payout doesn't cover the cost.

Wow, I'd love to have this heavenly and gorgeous looking Quadcopter because it would be my very first and most likely only drone. And I'll go crazy using it as much as I can to explore all the features and make my friends jealous.


Lol, a very good reason to want this quad-copter :)

Hoping to buy a drone, if I win one, it would be awesome. I hope I win. Good luck to everyone else.

Good luck!

I have always wanted to buy a drone and have tried trading for one on multiple occasions, however i just cant seems to get the funds together to make the purchase. If i was to win this i would be able to spend hours in the backyard learning how to fly it and eventually flying it over the wooded areas near my home to look for wildlife. This would also be fun to fly over the lakes or river.

Good luck!

If I had a quadcopter I would be tempted to play pranks on my partner by making it appear at the most inconvenient of moments; like when he's mowing the lawn or waking up with a cruel hangover. But truth be told this would be most helpful in sending notes to communicate with people in nearby homes next time a tropical cyclone rips through our area blocking access to roads causing full loss of power for 3 weeks (a common occurrence up this neck of the woods.) The possibilities as to what good could come from a marvellous contraption like this are just endless!

Good luck!

I have a buisness of photography and video here in mexico named postcards so having more equipment would improve the quality of my work :)

Good luck to everyone


The camera quality for this drone isn't the best, but we will be giving away better ones eventually. I would check out yesterdays giveaway for a 16 mp sports action camera. You can enter both giveaways!

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I would love to own this fine piece of machine technology mainly because I want to enjoy playing with it, with my son. Cheers!


Good luck

I have yearned to get for myself a drone as a teenager but seems that light dwindled as I grew and became an adult with lots of responsibilities.

Seeing this give away has made me realized that I am really sacrificing my joy for something I don't even know...

I will definitely need to have one to get back the joy I once had in technology


Good luck!

I have been looking for a portable drone for the field work I will be doing looking at Farm Topography. For water catchment. All the best on the giveaways.


Good luck!

My grandfather owns a ranch, a drone like this would be amazing to scope out the ranch and check on the horses with out him having to walk the entire ranch. There are coyotes and other dangers that come out to the ranch so being able to fly the drone and see the ranch would improve the safety of the animals.

You won!

Please email [email protected] with your full mailing address, then reply to this comment with the time you sent the email to confirm it is you.

Thanks for playing and good luck on future Prize Portal draws.

Thank you! email is [email protected] just emailed you at 8:08 am my time.

Congrats on winning.

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