Prize Portal - Enter To Win A RUIZU X02 MP4 Multimedia Player (8GB)

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After a long pause the prize portal is spooling up again with a brand new format. No more confusing conditions to enter and everything has been replaced with a simpler structure. The main way to enter is by commenting on this post telling me why you want the prize or what you would use it for. This gives you entry into the contest/draw. Check out the @prizeportal blog feed for other giveaways.

This Giveaway Will Have "Over-Payment Protection"

If the payout of this post exceeds $40, another prize will be given out to the person with the best entry comment.
If the payout exceeds $80, another prize of greater value will be selected and given out. This prize will be drawn first from the pool of those entered, then the remaining prizes drawn or given out.

Just to be clear no matter the payout at least one prize will be given away!

RUIZU X02 MP4 Multimedia Player (8GB)



SCREEN SIZE: 1.8 -inch
Supported music format: FLAC/OGG/MP3/APE/WMA
PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1MP4 Player, 1USB Charging Cable, 1*User Manual

The Fine Print

Prize Portal will NOT be responsible for any import charges from any prizes shipped out. Your country may charge taxes when the prize goes through customs, if so this charge is the responsibility of the winner. Prizes will be purchased and shipped directly from the retailer to the winner unless otherwise stated. Prize Portal is NOT responsible for any lost or damaged prizes. Unless otherwise stated or shipping to your location is unavailable, all prizes will be available worldwide! Entry only possible before post payout.

Contest closes at post payout!

Winner will be announced shortly after that.


You can use the bitshares DEX to purchase a token called PPBITS, send these to task-manager using the URL of this post as the memo for a bonus entry per PPBIT.

You can buy PPBITS on openledger here


Once on openledger and you have obtained your PPBITS, go to SEND

In the To box enter task-manager

Use the dropdown menu to select PPBITS then enter the amount of PPBITS to send. (This will be the amount of extra entries. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SELECTED PPBITS FROM THE DROPDOWN MENU!)

In the MEMO box paste the URL of this post.

Check it all over and hit SEND

So Just To Recap!

Comment below with why you want to win this prize! That's all you NEED to do to enter. Upvote is not a requirement, but all are appreciated! If you know how to use bitshares you can enter more than once using the pay to play system.
Winner will be decided at random.


This prize is now closed, winner to be announced shortly.

Why do I need this?
Well, I love to hear music. Right now, I'm depended on my smartphone for listening. If I win this, I can forget my smartphone anywhere and not worry at all.

Well - this is me, Muhammad Atif, willing to be part of your great adventure towards helping others, #HELPMEOUTTOO..
So, giveme that giveaway! in return i can be compensated towards more confidence and appreciation on steemit community,. :-)

I want this prize because i love to hear music . While walking towards university , i love to hear music but my previous media player is broken so i want new and look at its photo , amazing design . My heart got sinked at the first sight of this player . Wow

I don't truly need this, someone else deserves it. I wouldn't use it enough to justify getting it. Please don't pick me as a winner. I just wanted to say thanks for having this giveaway. (I'm serious, if I win please pick someone else.)

I love entering contests on Steemit and usually win SBD or Steem. Not complaining, but think it would be super cool to win something tangible!!!

Firstly I do like to win this for so many reasons

  1. It battery is perfect for me, when buying gadgets like phone,headphones etc I try to get something that has a long battery life span
  2. It is smart
  3. I can record my own voice when writing done my raps before the studio work.
  4. The high storage will be of great benefit.

I like your answer, unfortunately you did not receive the MP4 player prize.

But That's Not All

Because I liked your answer best you have been rewarded with one share in @steembasicincome.

i would love this prize it would be a fantastic gift it would be helpful towards my music career on steemit and other platforms with this i could have my music saved my beats and everything just upvoted and followed you your doing great for this community

I Can't do it.. i am still no understand what will I do..Thanks @prizeportal. I will study it again.

Participation in a community like this one will up your post count, and give you a chance to gain upvotes to help build your steem power. This also has a chance of gaining followers within the community, along with an increased reputation score.

To participate here make a comment saying why you wanna win this prize. The comment will likely gain at least one upvote adding to your steemit success, plus you have a chance of winning a prize too.

I want to win so I can listen to my music everywhere I go.

Hi there

First of all, I would like to thank you for this great initiative, it's a proof that the person behind @prizeportal is a kind heart.

I will love to win the prize for the simple reason that I lost 4 smartphones in the past few months, I'm actually using an old phone where I have no memory to stock music. It would be nice to be able again to listen to music when I working out or walking.

By the way thank you for the upvote in my post, I appreciate the support.


The RNG rolled a 10 this means that you are the winner!

Please email [email protected] with your full mailing address, then reply to this comment with the time you sent the email to confirm it is you.

Thanks for playing and good luck on future Prize Portal draws.

Thank you for the prize, I didn't believe I was picked, I really appreciate what are you doing in steemit, please keep it up, I will always follow and support your work for sure.

I sent you an email at 5:07 PM here, GTM time zone. few second ago from the moment I wrote this comment.



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