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I've started up in an effort to provide educational articles to people I bring into Crypto. I really wanted to use Steemit for this purpose, but the inability to update articles over time creates a real problem for educational materials.

The site is free and I'm hoping it will help new users interested in:

PrivateCay is pronounced private-key. Owning crypto is a lot like owning your own island wouldn't you say? Independence on your own terms.

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Hello Bill, I just checked out your links. So I feel I'm a neophyte in this space. I've comfortable with Coinbase and Blocktrades. These are the only 2 exchanges I've used and I'm confident buying and selling on both. I'm a USA guy. I've had a helluva time trying to get on exchanges to buy more speculative assets. I really want to get in on EOS. I haven't tried Bitshares. It looks like Bitshares is sort of for "Phase 2 newbs" so I will give that try. Thanks for posting the info.


After you buy some BTS, I'd recommend you trade BTS for OPEN.EOS.

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I will resteem and share your post with all my family and friends.

This post helps me from repeating myself to them.

Thanks for doing this. YOUR THE MAN!

thnx bill i will have a look at it,, keep the good work mate

Nice post
Thanks for shared

I always fine it difficult to what crypto is. I think when I click on the link u provided it will help me to know no more about it. Am a newbie though. Thanks for sharing. I will be reading what crypto is.

Thanks fr sharing!

Thanks alot that was really helpful ! i'm still trying to figure out the crypto world and investing in it :)

nice job man it is necessary to get knowledge about crypto before diving in market. awesome share

thanks for the important info