Honest Government Ad | Anti Encryption Law

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The Australien Government has made an ad about its proposed anti encryption law and it's surprisingly honest and informative.

Defend encryption in Australia, make a submission to the Government by Septmber 10




We need a blockchain based encrypted chat solution so that governments can't sue anyone.

Fun fact, the voice of the girl and the actress are two different people.

@littleboy The regulations and small barricades to the adaptation of blockchain technology are necessary to have clear rules when all this passes the mountain will continue up, we are going through a process of technology transition good things come, I wish you the best of successes and you I will be following to be attentive to your content, greetings and luck!

Haven't looked into deeply but I just googled "blockchain based encrypted chat" and got this.

Blockchain-based decentralized secure messenger and fastest-growing social network.

You do know that this is political satire right. The real Australian Government didn't endorse this ad. The team who make these ads are hilarious -

I think that they find another way to surveil individual suspects. Monitoring everyone with gaol penalties for whistleblowers and no properly funded independant watchdog overseeing government/police/political and hacker (yes, they will exploit your backdoor) abuses of these powers leads to a dark place of mistrust from the public.
One step closer to a surveillance state. Next step is control of media and free speech.

Agreed. Decentralized network and everything else on the way. I don't have anything to hide but what is mine is mine.

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I agree, the states shouldn't have the right to access our data, when theyselves hide their.

0:38 "Let's us access your device when you download the latest update"

This is too honest, they also curse a lot and they would probably access your ass. I don't know if this is positive but they also called Australia as the weakest of those 5 eyes Alliance and deciding "to test this sht fckery" on them. What's your call? On my opinion, I don't like it.

You know its a joke right. This is political satire. Not the real Australian Government. Its supposed to be funny.

That sarcasm I don't get. Maybe I was drawn hard on to the ad itself making it sound so true HAHA

I am not in Australia but am using an encrypted email and searching with a private search engine. I still use Google photos but wanting to switch to screenshot. FB and Twitter are powering down for me.

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Australia has its own migrant concentration camp.

This is true. I am Australian. We just moved to Belize.

The honest adds are good but not a scratch on the juice new media stuff they used to produce.. got to love the gag Oz gov logo they use for these tho.

did you know the Australian government tried to issue a cease and desist because they thought people would confuse the joke logo with the real coat of arms

yes I did know, have been following juice media stuff since the beginning but the stuff in parliament is funny haha yea love the satire they produce

I learned so much about this post. Thanks for sharing @transisto. It would be better if you could share your thoughts about it so I could understand more. :)

privacy will soon remove to dictionary to no one will known about the meaning of that word

That's really mad! Just because of 'security' they'll delete our privacy and our liberty!

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