[AnonSteem] New Steem Account Price REDUCED TO $4 USD

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This is just a short post to let everyone know that the price for an account from AnonSteem has been reduced from $8 USD, down to $4 USD.

Grab a Steem account TODAY from AnonSteem! Pay with BTC, LTC or STEEM

For those who don't know what AnonSteem is:

AnonSteem is an account creation service which allows you to obtain a Steem account instantly by paying for it using STEEM, Bitcoin, or Litecoin.

Currently, Steemit needs your email and phone number to sign up, and requires you to wait 2 weeks or longer just to get an account. AnonSteem is instant, and requires no details other than the username you'd like to purchase.

An account from AnonSteem works the same as an account created using https://steemit.com, it can be used on any service on the Steem network, such as DTube, Steemit, Steem Monsters, and more.

The only key difference compared to using Steemit's account creation, is that @anonsteem is responsible for your account's recovery in the event it is hacked. However, in the event of your account being hacked, we have an in-depth page for how account recovery works, so you're in safe hands.

Accounts created using AnonSteem also receive a 3 SP delegation to help you get started, which is undelegated after 1 month.

Grab a Steem account TODAY from AnonSteem! Pay with BTC, LTC or STEEM

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Well Damn! I just bought one from you for $8!

Good on you though for lowering the price! No hard feelings.

All joking aside it was a very good service and i was very pleased.

Quick and easy. Just what I was looking for.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Oh yeah, One day when I get around to it, expect me back to look at servers and such from privex for my witness stuff.


Thanks. I'm new. Hope to retain my enthusiasm!


well just made one manually for 10€ daim xd

Awesome news! I’ve used anon.steem to create so many accounts at $8. Glad I can save some money. You definitely have my witness vote for this kickass service.

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Personally a bit confused as to why someone would want to buy an account! However, this looks GREAT for those who decide they do so, I wish you best of luck with sales! :D


You have to wait 2 weeksnor longer for free account. If you don't want to wait, you will pay for it.


Because if the wait time to sign up for a free account. Or, maybe for privacy so you do not have to share your email and phone number. Or, you already have an account tied to your email and phone number, but you cannot add a second account to a phone number. You would need a separate phone for each account. $8 or $4 is much cheaper than a separate phone and service for that phone.

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Is it fare to buy account from someone rather creating own. I heard this for the first time about it and I am amazed that anon steem provide support as well if in case account is hacked. Great work.

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Thanks, this is awesome! @blockbrothers already votes for you.

Assuming the worst case scenario, account holder gets compromised and you or site goes offline then what about recovery?

4 bucks won't hurt but if user has accumulated good amount of sp then case is different.

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You can change your trustee if you're concerned about anonsteem being your recovery provider. You don't even have to contact us to do it.


CTRL-F (or CMD-F on OSX) for "trustee" and you'll see we even have a link to instructions on how to change your account recovery trustee to someone else, e.g. if you change to steem then your account can be recovered by steemit.com just like any other.

If only I'd known earlier... ;-)

Is it possible to create a second Acount, or should one better do without it?



Yes you can have more than one account, but Steemit will not let you take more than one free account normally, so you would need to use a third party site to create it.

It can be useful if you post a variety of content, and part of your audience disapproves of some of the content.

I just bought this account last week. too bad... :( but thank you anyway. I can share this info with my friends. keep it up :)

But creating an account through SteemWorld is only 3 STEEM, $0.60 or so.



Except you need an account to create one through SteemWorld, and you can only pay with STEEM (from an account you must already own).

You also have to deal with recovery yourself; so even if you create one for a new user, you're stuck dealing with their recovery if they get hacked, or somehow screw up when changing their password. Also you start with 0 (ZERO) SP, so good luck being able to post, comment, or do anything until you delegate to it as well.

AnonSteem charges extra because there's a 3 SP delegation included (so an account costs around 6 STEEM), and I have to handle the recovery of stolen accounts, people screwing up when they change their password, as well as generally maintaining the website, handling support emails such as payment issues etc.

i appreciate your effort, but this whole deal is bullshit.. accounts should be free and easy,,, steemit , ongoing mess up


free? ok so that we have 2 billion people on board :D

I agree

So kind.

Interesting. Still a sum tho.

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Merry Christmas, enjoy the vote!

that is great news for adoption :)

That's awesome. I have personally never bought a steemit account. but if i did want this would be brilliant. Good luck with the sales! Merry Christmas!

Wow. This is amazing

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You may never get a free account I waited and waited and just bought one of these, you can't make many posts until you get SP it should help deter the spammers if they have to buy 10 more steem to post more than about 5 times a day

Happy Holidays!!

Very nice article! Glad to hear that the price has been reduced.

Congratulations @someguy123!
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