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The development phase of blockchain has come with its own unique type of solution. Etherum was a leader of blockchain2.0 Project solving the problems of speed, cost, and Scalability of blockchain through issuing of smart contracts, there have been improvements in blockchain3.0 project and 4th generation Blockchain ecosystems. Sero goal is to solve a problem common to all this blockchain which is privacy through its own native blockchain network. SERO has re-sharpened the blockchain structure and different fundamental protocols and made privacy assurance of smart contract a reality. Empowering privacy assurance estimates accessible for a more extensive scope of application situations, and making the assaults on user's private data all the more testing with the progressed NIZK encryption calculation. Smart contract creation is a tool intended to disseminate, confirm or execute contracts in a data-based way. Turing complete smart contract system on the blockchain enables engineers to compose any muddled contract that lives on the blockchain and can be executed on the blockchain. Be that as it may, in smart contracts the whole grouping of activities is dispersed through the system and recorded on the blockchain and is freely noticeable. Prior to now, none of the past blockchain systems has had the option to help encryption and privacy security of smart contracts. The absence of privacy turns into the primary obstruction to the across the board reception of decentralized smart contracts.


Understanding The Solutions Of Sero

For full manifestations of the SERO solution a lot of work has been put into place. Specialists in the field of blockchain know the NIZK algorithms. On account of research, and further, and the production of Ben-Sassoon, distributed in 2014, the designers of SERO have had the option to essentially streamline this procedure.

Accompanying the NIZK algorithms is the state of the art encryption protocol. The encryption procedure assumes a pivotal job in the exhibition of the platform and its speed. For our situation, the Zcash encryption procedure is utilized, which lamentably isn't quick enough (one transaction takes 1-2 minutes). Normally, for SERO this is inadmissible. In this way, changes were made here. Therefore, the encryption speed diminished by multiple times.
Sero is built on its own robust blockchain network dues to the goals and objectives of the project etherum network seem not to be the right fit for the overall objectives of Sero even though the SERO platform was initially made on the ethereum blockchain. But the sero Blockchain network is a massive upgrade the UTXO + mode has been executed. This solution will much more guarantee the anonymity and security of the tokens discharged on the SEROCHAIN ​​blockchain.

Sero is the first privacy blockchain projects to offer turing of smart contracts on its blockchain. On account of the utilization of the Turing protocol, engineers interfacing with the SEROCHAIN ​​blockchain can issue totally anonymous coins and use them in decentralized applications. This ended up conceivable after the utilization of the zero-divulgence calculation and the homomorphic encryption protocol in the blockchain.

Another major opportunity make available with the creation of SERO is the fact that developer can build their own privacy coin in its blockchain just like the issuing of erc20 and erc23 on etherum blockchain Every developer can make their own sort of token, which will be upheld by the blockchain SERO. As should be obvious, this is a special open door for SERO to help a few diverse digital assets made in its own blockchain.








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