How to ESCAPE from being tracked by GOOGLE?

in privacy •  10 months ago

When we search using Google, sure we're getting tracked. And there is no secret about it. Despite, the world at large tend to use Google, for one reason or the other. And, those users are being tracked as well.

What if you're provided an option to ESCAPE from being tracked by GOOGLE?

Yes, here is that option:

Just make use of :

StartPage acts as a frontend to Google search engine. StartPage interacts with Google and provides the search results from Google's own website. But, the only difference is that StartPage blocks Google from tracking you.

Now, let's take an example and search for the word 'blockchain' - sure everyone wants to know about this new breed of animal...!

Below is the screenshot of search results... looks familiar ?:
Startpage Web Search-RESULTS.png

Now, enjoy your search without being worried about being tracked...!


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Ditching Google Chrome is probably a good idea too.


I already did...!
I'm full of firefox / safari / Opera / Brave - now :-)