Privacy Workshop #8: The Epidemic of Homicidal Maniacs Hearing Voices and Police-State Stalking

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(subtitled: Privacy Inside Your Own Skull Edition)

This essay is about the Ultimate Conspiracy, the one from which the entire "Tin Foil Hat" meme began. In fact, the entire case of what is known as mysticism, prophecy, telepathy, remote viewing, computer-brain interfaces or whatever else you may want to call it rests on the question of whether or not there are ways to communicate with a human mind without using the 5 normal senses. I personally believe this questions has been answered by irrefutable documentary evidence, mountains of testimonies of other people, and for what it is worth, my own personal experience on numerous occasions(although I to date have [thankfully!] not experienced inexplicable and/or unwanted voices in my own personal head).

This essay will prove this beyond any doubt.

Let's start with what just happened this week, another mass killing where the perpetrator reports hearing voices, and has numerous other signs of being manipulated, including by the mysterious militia Republic of Florida, and 'antidepressant' drugs.

The Parkland Florida killer news stories indicate in no uncertain terms that he reports hearing voices.

I have been building a file on killers and other criminals who report hearing voices, this seems an appropriate time to dig deep down into this. I can't seem to let it go today. Much information has come to light.

For general information, this is a recreation made by a psychiatrist as to what auditory hallucinations sound like in schizophrenics:

Spooky stuff. It would not be fun to experience this and it is without doubt that there are medical conditions that can cause this. However, in human history there has never been an epidemic of murderers hearing voices on the scale of what we have today. It is quite possible the entire species may not have survived this long if that were the case.
Russel Targ's banned TED talk is also informative on the matter if somewhat anecdotal and 2nd hand:

Let's look at some other historical cases of people hearing voices:

Congressperson Giffords attacker:

A Louisiana cop killer:

NSA shooter from 2015 hearing voices, (for some reason the NSA event this week was compared to a strange event in 2015, reddit conspiracy threads had several comments mistaking the recent event for the 2015 event, I believe intentionally as the cross-dressing element derails everything but make up your own mind why the washington post wanted to compare this weeks event to this one from the past. I find it highly suspicious as I do the Parkland event.)

CBS News has a great search feature on their site and if you simply search for "hearing voices" there are 625 results, let's examine a few, these are in the first 15 of 63 pages. (I don't have time to archive all of these...)
kentucky demonstrates how they handle the mentally ill:
Dr. Phil interview, interesting:
(Please excuse any duplicates, I think I make my point even if there are a couple)

I personally do not believe these are all cases of schizophrenia. People do not just turn schizophrenic, it is a lifelong disease. These people were at one time fairly normal and then changed.

I am looking for any other explanation for this pattern than 'they're just crazy.' I think you should be too.

If we discount standard insanity for all of these people, and feigned insanity for leniency in court, which still would seem incredible as that would mean they were all actually sane when they committed these bizarre crimes, then we are left with two other possibilities.

Technology and/or 'Supernatural' causes.

Which is to say I believe these voices are coming from a. technological devices or b. aliens/demons/ghosts/god/devil/etc

(depending on your beliefs, there is no real reason it couldn't be both, for instance in one of the wilder less probably scenarios Aliens are forcing government Agents to use technology to make people murder other people in order to idk change the history of the human race or feed on souls)

I don't have a lot of evidence about aliens or demons. I personally believe in both but I don't have evidence for it. I don't believe in the god or the devil, but I believe most of what exists in Dr. Who, for instance, could somewhere exist in the big Universe. I just don't have any evidence for it.

There exists Extensive Evidence, however, that technology exists which can beam voices into peoples' heads on demand and that the United States Government(whatever that is...) has researched this technology extensively and that private entities have sought to patent it.

(Much thanks to @an0nkn0wledge for some of the links from his informative post: )

(There is also a MOUNTAIN of disinformation out there about this subject which I will get to later in this article, I am only seeking to prove it is fact that it exists from numerous sources, even if none of them is 100% credible on the subject of top secret USG projects.)

"On a more positive(author: What???) front, the technology may have some applications for consumers. By amplifying sound \D0 whether it be voice, music or some other kind of recording \D0 clearly over a long distance without causing pain or irritation, it\D5s possible for companies to target individuals. For example, a stream of sound can deliver a specifically tailored message to a person, based on some kind of sensory response. If a sensor, say, detects a person\D5s raised body temperature in a crowd, a message can be sent to that person pointing to a soft drink vending machine nearby."

Time magazine reports US Military believes in 6th sense:
Wired magazine says it is real, called 'Voice to Skull' or Medusa program, from 2008:
Not sure about this site exactly but describes exactly these capabilities:
Patents: is a credible site:

Consider these questionable sites: (post to fb lol) (send gmail lol)

Then I found this site, which in my opinion has a much greater credibility than the others:

(he uses hushmail, which fwiw I do not trust like i do protonmail and, but forgiveable:

"Prime examples of this are FFCHS and OSI. Ostensibly, these two groups are support groups for gang stalking victims; actually, they are disinformation front groups organized by perpetrators of stalking crimes \D0 most likely, corrupt cops \D0 and former cops \D0 associated with the LEIU (Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units), or the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations), or both. These groups were created so that victims will turn to them \D0 rather than forming their own legitimate advocacy groups to lobby Congress and the news media to investigate illegal counterintelligence operations."

"My view is that anyone who examines the website you are now reading, and then compares it with the website maintained by FFCHS would have serious doubts about the latter. Despite being suspiciously vague and stupid (almost none of the published news reports you see here are mentioned by FFCHS, for example), the website attracts some victims of illegal counterintelligence harassment who are desperate for support. Consequently, references to FFCHS have appeared in news reports about all three of the \D2gang stalking\D3 cases which ended in nationally-reported mass shootings. (see the already referenced Gavin Long case:

He is right about these other organizations, their web hosting is sketchy, their contact links are all google and facebook, so they are making no effort to actually evade the police state while they instruct people to contact them with evidence of what the police state is doing to them.
OS EH.png

If you have been reading Privacy Workshop, then you know there are shadowy government forces that harass and infiltrate activists, including Steemit. I can also report that I have experienced several other incidents off of this list including bizarre issues with my car that threatened my life and absurd noise issues when I had roommates that were extremely suspicious/sketchy/dishonest/aggressive from 11/17-12/17.

Reason magazine(which I trust) further documents 650 cases of police stalking, which is considered a WILD under-counting:

Stratfor leaks have this, which is at least a little questionable but interesting:

Deep Green Resistence(which I trust) addresses Cointelpro

Read the whole article but the JTRIG section is important:
"Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable. To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: \D2false flag operations\D3 (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), and posting \D2negative information\D3 on various forums."

Consider Jean Seaburg's story from history:

There are two reasons for these types of control tactics, from both the national US government and the global elite:

  1. Stop any movements against them before they are capable of any action
  2. Maintain a strategy of tension.

The United States did this to Europe for the duration of the cold war to make it difficult for any peace movements to disrupt operations. Also in South America in any of a hundred different coups.

Now, in my opinion, it is being used on the citizens of the United States themselves.

They/we are led to believe they are dealing with a 2nd amendment problem and a mental health problem, but although the mental health gun problem is obvious, nothing is ever done about it. Trump signed a law within 24 hours of Parkland that allowed yet more mentally ill people to have guns.

The actual effect that you never hear discussed is that if everyone is afraid of being shot all the time, like hell if they are going to demonstrate against the government of any of its actions. After something like Las Vegas, anyone who feels comfortable in crowds may begin not to. If people are afraid of crowds, they are going to stay in their homes.

I spoke with someone who was at the Ferguson riots. The end of the protest was when busloads of white people showed up with signs and just acted dopey. They were obviously brought in to diffuse the situation by dividing it. By creating tension within the otherwise unified mob of justifiably angry people.

exploiting fracture.png


"The 2011 STRATFOR leak included information about corporate strategies to neutralize activist and community movements. Essentially, STRATFOR advocates dividing movements into four character types: radicals, idealists, realists, and opportunists. These camps can then be dealt with summarily:

First, isolate the radicals. Second, \D2cultivate\D3 the idealists and \D2educate\D3 them into becoming realists. And finally, co-opt the realists into agreeing with industry. [6]"

You encounter the form of the government oppression that fits you. If you are a weak, confused, wandering soul, they see you as a potential tool they could inject into a functioning movement to disrupt.

If you are all of those things plus violent, maybe you will be the next Parkland murderer and they will put you to use on some day when they have to distract 300 million people from an incident at the NSA where some people tried to escape with, perhaps, information for the public, but were shot and silenced in the attempt.

Maybe you are a junior FBI agent or ex military hired by Stratfor themselves and so they will hire you to write utter crap for something like "The Conscious Resistance"(sic)(tm) or "Disobedient Media"(sic)(tm)

I am, of course, a radical, so I have experienced in my adult life extreme isolation that I am only now beginning to understand. All of the fake people I've met, all of the fake friends I "meet" at events that I never see again. All of the strange stories I have to tell my family while they wonder if I am really a bad guy. All of the employment problems I've had. All of the roommate problems I've had.

I have been targeted, I know it. No other pattern fits all of the bizarre obstacles I have had, that have now ultimately put me in the position where I had to leave the country or face a level of paranoia that would be really dangerous for me.

This is however not all about me, other people have it worse. Other people are hearing voices. Other people are hanging out with organizations like the Republic of Florida(sic) or (another such org I've seen, but this one Mossad infiltrated) the "APLEA Rangers"(sic)

Maybe the seemingly random killings like the frat student who ate the peoples' faces off are side effects or accidents.

Maybe once you are weak enough mentally/spiritually you just become vulnerable and fall into it, whatever it is.

I think it is clear now that the war has come home to US Citizens. Their/our country is not safe. Something is attacking them/us and they/we don't know what it is, it looks like it's just themselves doing it, people just like them, that any of them could just have a switch flipped, and bang/boom/whatever it's face eating time. We fixate on zombies but this is worse.

As I've said before in Privacy Workshop, I find it especially hard to believe that actual American Citizens swear on the Bible to uphold the constitution and then go on to take part in destroying the country and constitution. It makes me wonder. Really wonder if there are other forces at work here. It should make you wonder to.

I don't have all the answers here, but I think I have compiled a giant trove of information and analysis in this post that will help those of us who aren't in on it figure out a. what is going on and b. what we can do about it.

What I can say for sure is, you had better have your game face on and be at peak awareness, mentally and spiritually, because against forces like this no one is safe, and nowhere is safe.

Like I've said, if someone like me who has no training, no weapons, just words, has encountered as much of this stuff as I have, then it could happen to anybody(except sheep-like or cow-like individuals, who are already well obeying their masters as they destroy the planet and functional human society)

If all I can do on a given day to help is write the smartest things I can about it, then that's what I'm going to do.

DGR quotes Bob Ages to conclude and I find it appropriate:
“Our response has to be the opposite; bridging divides, foster mutual understanding and solidarity, stand together come hell or high water.”
Many people across the left share 80% or more of their politics, and yet constructive criticism and mature discussion of disagreements is the exception, not the rule. We need more thoughtful behavior. Don’t spread rumors, don’t tear down other activists, and don’t forget who the real enemy is. Don’t waste your time fighting those who should be your allies – even if they are only partial allies. Let’s disagree, and let our disagreements help us learn more from each other and build alliances. In the end, that’s our only chance of winning: together.

This took my entire Saturday. I had a lot of difficulty choosing what to write about today, there is simply so much horrific stuff going on. But I am proud of this work, I believe it contributes quite a bit to what is available on the internet to those of us who are capable and willing to oppose what I am ready to call Evil in a very general sense.

I don't know what you should be doing, but I know you should be doing something. Like I said, I have not been rewarded in this world for telling the truth, and I know the world isn't fair, but I'm really, really trying to reach out here to the good guys out there.

The best people have to be attracted to the worst problems - @mindhawk

People don't change, they become more themselves. -@mindhawk

"You can't walk with the holy if you're just a halfway decent man" - Paul Simon(or woman, of course)

And if you believe in such things, this mormon quote always stuck with me and I believe it's true even if there is no god and there are just, somewhere out there powerful good forces that would help you if they could, and if you are idk hearing voices in your head or facing evil forces stronger than yourself, maybe this is the most I could help you:

"The prayer of a righteous man avails much in the eyes of God." -Mormon lore(or woman, of course)(and the gods could just be powerful aliens, or some really cool guys who rode the btc wave and like to help independent writers lol)

So if you think you're good, time to put your time, life, and money where your intentions are. All hands on deck, there are no spectators anymore.

All comments and questions welcome.

Please, looking for a second anon donor to really help me out so I know I will have a place to stay in March.

BTS: actual-mindhawk

And as always:
(here's a little something to help improve your mood if you got through all of this, I'm going to take a couple days from the news after this one too lol :)


Peace, Justice, Reason! And Reggae!


well and truly screwed sideways..
Get out while you still can!

I started following you a while ago after you left some great comments on a couple of blogs but I keep missing your posts. I will make a point of checking in the future. This is a fascinating topic and the only argument people can really make against it is the old "just because technology exists doesn't mean it's being used" one and it's bullshit in my opinion. I follow multiple targetted individuals on Twitter and have done for years and I have seen the congressional testimonies being given by victims of the TI program.
I think a lot of people choose to ignore this topic because it is just too uncomfortable. The idea that our thoughts can be read and voices/sounds transmitted into our heads is just too much for most people and that is just the tip of the iceberg. They prefer to remain ignorant.

I read something a while ago that rich people actually pay to be able to control a TI but obviously that cannot be confirmed.

I remember watching a YouTube video by a guy who had come back from a foreign country to the USA and he was talking about how he had discovered all this stuff. I didn't think much of it but a week or two later he was the guy who was killed when the police used a bomb disposal robot to actually deliver a bomb to his location (he was in some sort of police stand off) and kill him. I couldn't believe it. Do you remember that? I'll try to find more info and see if the YouTube channel is still up.

I like they way that you are not afraid to call people out on Steemit and elsewhere despite the grief you get for it. For what it's worth, I agree with you that what we have seen on Steemit recently (an influx of independent journalists) should be questioned and I was not aware that some of these 'alt media stars' literally appeared out of nowhere.

Good work.

Edited :-

Here's a link to the story about the guy killed by the bomb disposal robot. His name was Micah Johnson.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment and the link, I don't see any connection of that particular shooting to this topic however. There is no mention of voices or mental issues, he did not have a relationship with any Republic of Florida type organizations, he wasn't already under investigation or being pushed to the crime by any other organizations.

The list of crimes that I am looking at, including parkland, pulse, newtown, san bernadino, boston, norway and the nsa shooting in 2015 all have in common that there is simply no discernable motive whatsoever for the crime.

This article from oklahohoma shows how the police will target weak people with known illnesses and set them up, it is only in this case he didn't actually go through with a crime. Sometimes however it is clear that people so investigated are set up as patsies and the crime is actually done, and then the investigation is botched/half-assed/obvious lies.

I do not know why any three letter agency would do this other than to create an atmosphere of tension or to cover up some other reason for violence and deaths that the public would find unpalatable.

Like in Las Vegas, it is obvious that a team of assasins tried and failed to kill a saudi prince, so this 'shooter' story about paddock, that makes no sense is simply made up, likely to 'protect an ally' like what happened after the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty.

This demonstrates to me the level of power that the foreign agents have inside our country, that there is real danger to everyone and ultimately that the law enforcement agents of our country, the vast majority I believe to be well-meaning, are being put in danger and essentially neutered by the FBI/CIA/Mossad/King Salman at will.

A lot of the reason I write is to the law enforcement and military individuals so that they can see what they are actually taking part in, with the hope that they may begin to offer more resistance and opposition to any plans that makes them accomplices to murder.

Because right now it looks like the higher ups are making the street level police look like clowns, and frankly, putting them in a lot of unnecessary risk.

It reminds me a lot actually of Invasion USA by chuck norris, except no chuck norris comes to save the day. Chuck Norris is giving a press conference full of lies instead of catching the bad guys, and this isn't an america that I can be proud of.

The additives they put in food, have a similar effect to those of medicines.
these additives will not effect everyone the same way, but over time have a serious effect on the subject. Underlying all of that is the same problem, the division and the division works in a manner we are all given something to fight for, while we all fight for equality on different fronts, Those in control just pit us against each other, each trying to get a foothold and a loaf of bread. Controllers carry off container loads they will never use. Highlighting one thing after another of what is wrong gets us no where, Form a orad map to get the results you want and share that?

Wow a lot to absorb here..everyone needs to listen to a bit of reggae...gets your mind off the negative and puts you in a place of Peace, Justice, Reason! We humans are such powerful beings, we can create whatever environment we wish. I believe the key is to keep putting out those good vibes and smiles at every opportunity. Random acts of love and kindness have the power to change a whole universe!

Did you read any of the article? Or just the end?

I disagree. Children being abused or people being harassed cannot create whaterver environment they wish.

I do not believe in The Secret, at all. neither does dave chappelle:

Yes, I read parts of it and I respect your beliefs and opinions but don't expect me to have the same beliefs and opinions as you. As for "The Secret" I do believe it is a bit overrated. I also believe in Karma, satan, aliens, mind-control, etc, etc.

These are all copouts to the actual arguments.

'you have your opinions i have mine' - thought terminating cliche

'the secret is overrated' - masked digression from your previous statement

The real question here is, do you see anything incorrect in my essay?

Does the united states government or someone/thing else beam voices into peoples' heads who go on to commit murders?

These are real questions, important questions. People are dying on a regular basis around this crap.

Where do you stand? And if you don't have anything real to say, it is better to say nothing at all.

My friend, I get the feeling anything I say here will be the wrong thing as far as your thought process is concerned, thus I will bow out of this conversation gracefully. Good luck on your quest!

if you don't do your homework, yes, it is best not to raise your hand in class.

Wow, that is harsh!! Are you always so judgemental?

Do you always comment on very serious topics with inanity?

Why are you even participating in family protection if you cannot see the serious nature of privacy workshop?

I have had to deal with a lot of trolls, agents and bizarre disinfo and very, very few people who grasp the nature of my work. It is extremely frustrating to write over 30k words on a topic that most people are scared of, and which attracts definite attention of all of the most evil people in the world, and receive in exchange around $100 and someone like yourself wasting my time.

You should resign from any work you do as an ambassador of family protection, the children will be much better off.

Then, read articles in their entirety and prepare intelligent questions before commenting.

If you follow these steps, you might earn some of my respect instead of losing it completely.

I am not trying to be a saint, example, leader, bro, nice guy.

I am asking the most difficult questions in the world and having to deal with adults who probably have trouble tying their own shoes yet who feel like they are my equal and deserve some kind of respect when they contribute nothing.

Rethink your life, you're not helping.

Absolutely fantastic analysis. Great job with this. I am curious to see how pharma fits into this puzzle. Majority of these shooters are on SSRI's or other psychoactive drugs and could be the key to understand how a human being can do something so violent without remorse.

Pharma spent 270 million in 2017 lobbying, the NRA spent 10 million. It's no surprise everyone wants to blame guns

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