Some thoughts on privacy.

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what is the value of your privacy?
We have several discussions about that already and you possibly saw that movie "Minority Report".

In the movie there's strong privacy control with eye scanners everywhere and the "pre-cogs" can see crimes happening before it actually does and then get the people before they commit the crime.

you see how crazy it is?
it makes no sense at all.

But well, the movie gives us an interesting picture of how would be strong government control and no privacy for people.

Even though having a private way to exchange values will benefit criminals and people with bad intentions as well, not having a private way to communicate or exchange money won't benefit anybody.

What are your thoughts on the privacy subject and why do you think it is important?

In this sense, It's quite interesting to check the work DeepOnion is doing.
It's an anon cryptocurrency focusing on private transactions but with several other properties like Deepvault, a feature that allows you to verify documents using the blockchain, with a great community and a distributed delivey using airdrops and forum posts (deeppoints)

You can get it on cryptopia exchange
and jump on the boat and join the airdrop by clicking here.

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I'm also a fan of DeepOnion, and I really like the direction that the project is going. DeepVault is a cool feature I don't think I've heard of in crypto, and it complements privacy features nicely.

Furthermore, you have to love the awesome community, fun and educational conversation as well as the super-generous airdrops that they reward you with just for being part of the project. It's a project people really aught to be watching across the board.

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