SnapChat violates privacy

in privacy •  last year

An update on the Snapchat social network - showing images published on a searchable map - has raised concerns about privacy breaches between parents

Snap Map allows people to search places such as schools and see videos and photos posted by kids inside. It also allows people to find their "friends" on a map that is quite accurate to determine where they live.

Personally i think this is a really bad move from snapchat as i personally use it.
Give me your thoughts on this.


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Well yeah, but still it is your choice to activate it and you can switch to ghost mode any time.

So legally speaking they are not violating anything.


Yeah you got a point.

It has its merits, but it also has its disadvantages. As for me, I'll be turning mine on and off depending on the situation. This can be dangerous through if you add random people who have mean intentions.