EOS dApp producers: GDPR help offered

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Privacy might not be the first thing you are concerned with when working on your dApp but it should. Some simple principles you need to abide by NOW will save you a lot of trouble later on. That is, if you want your dApp to serve European Union citizens too. Citizens that together form the second biggest market of the planet: the European Union.

EOS Amsterdam provides basic privacy advice on your worker proposals or other projects. Like: when do I need consent. How can I work around consent? How do I get consent if needed? Could it be given with the acceptance of my T&C? What are the other demands that come with EU privacy regulation?

If you send in your project we shall provide you with our high level first impression of your proposal. This will enable you to tweak the proposal to better align with the EU privacy regulation, believed to be the strictest in the world.

Together we’ll establish a reasonable compensation for our work. Depending on the complexity of your dApp. To be determined before we begin working.

We’ll help you all the way with your questions or if you want to double check the implementation of our advice. We can also provide you with a legal opinion regarding the compliance of your dApp. Costs of which we’ll determine on a case by case basis or on the basis of our standard fees.

These are the privacy principles you need to work with right now:

  1. Data minimization. Don’t collect, store or use more personal data than you need.
  2. Legal basis: If you really need the data to execute a contract: fine. If not check if you feel intrusive (e.g. if you follow people on or offline you are intrusive). If you feel you are intrusive, ask consent. Try to avoid bundled consent. There should be a real choice for the data subjects.
  3. Ensure that the personal data can be deleted/changed. Think hard which data you store where. It makes all the difference. That’s also important because of the principle of data minimization.
  4. Keep an eye on security. Security requirements are of a high standard in the EU. Security needs to balance the risks, costs and technological possibilities. This is a challenge since vulnerabilities are discovered every day which results in technology that seems to have become a fast moving target.

Good post and service! Thank you.

Hey,Is the basic privacy advice only provide the other demands that come with EU privacy regulation?

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