Happy Independence Day - Not for the 'Free Countries'

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Remember the days of colonialism and occupation? Some countries used to go after weaker countries and act as parasites on the people of the targeted countries, fast examples of such parasites are Western European countries and on top of the list are Britain and France.


There was a time in history when the world was changing rapidly and maps were drawn and redrawn based on the struggles between countries over resources, and for some, it was pure greed. Some maps are still being redrawn to this day like Western-supported ever-growing land-hungry Israel, for instance, but that's not the topic of this post.

The topic of this post is the featured image caricature above, it's not the country gaining its independence, it's about the people getting independent, while in the first one, countries earning their independence by struggle and hard work is largely achieved, though the colonizers try to come back in ways of financial control and through puppet regimes, they leave behind or create, the other one, the individual independence aka freedoms is being stolen again and mainly int he countries that preached freedoms more than the others.

With big brother, monitoring, controlling, censoring, and brainwashing, some world governments have taken it to the extreme in stripping their citizens of their 'independence' while giving them the impression they are free. Have you noticed the censorship over the pandemic debates especially on the vaccine mandate topic? Talking about the mandating of the vaccine, what about those who refuse to be subjected to it when they're basically not convinced they needed due to lack of proper information supplied by the governments due to lack of information provided to the governments by those entrusted on providing that particular knowledge.

What about the other aspects of the mandate of the vaccine that limit the mobility of people like the need to obtain a 'vaccine passport' which the same governments issuing them were a year ago promising this will never happen, and here we are today.

In the previous days, the governments said they are installing cameras to monitor public areas for offenders and to fight crimes, didn't work much it seems, however, the abuse from those monitoring devices has expanded to breaching privacy to the very intimate lives of people with spying devices, monitoring the net, intrusion viruses, and now implanted chips, and it's not ending.

Once the people gave up their first rights of 'independence' and privacy, they had to give more.

My question to those stripping their citizens of their independence is, don't you fear you lose your job and become ordinary citizens whose independence is lost to others who took your place? At least, if you think you're immortal in your jobs, what about your family members and your loved ones, and your children when you cease to exist as a whole not only losing your job for whatever reason? Will you be happy with others monitoring every tiny detail of your life and the lives of those you cherish the most?

Image source: New Syria FB page.

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