New Castle from Little Mermaid

in #printing3d10 months ago

I want to show you my new model I completed, inspired by The Little Mermaid. It is Prince Eric's castle, the missing one in classic Disney Castles collection. I built it from scratch. I used for this app on my tablet and 3d printed it in resin. The whole process took many weeks but I ended with unique movie collectible.
prince eric castle little mermaid 1.jpg

The app I used is called Nomadsculpt and I recommend it for digital sculpting on the go. It is available for Android or IOS devices. It is easy to learn just playing with it, this is how I learned it. The model is broken into many pieces and 3d printed on my Anycubic Mono X. I then had to sand it and fill imperfections and then prime it Here is the photo of monochromatic stage which I liked very much.

castle wip 1.JPG
What do you think? Do you like it? You can check more photos of this project on my blog at:

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