1950 Alfa Romeo Alfetta plastic model kit

in printing3d •  8 months ago

Here is a kit I started on not too long ago.

It's not really something I would normally get excited about, but it was cheap (for Portugal) and I had seen a video on doing up wire wheels that I wanted to try out.

The kit manufacturer is MisterCraft, I bought 2 airplanes and helicopters that they do in the same order, those were VERY cheap and I see now why.

The quality on this model far exceeds the other kits of theirs that I have.

The model has a long way to go yet, I focussed mainly on the wheels.

Here is the original wheel and one I have redone.

View of the back of the wheel. The holes in the original are vent holes for the brake drums I think. I will be drilling corresponding holes into the drums on the axles. They may not turn with the wheels, but I think it will be ok...

I 3d printed my own inner hub, this is the remains of my first attempt. I had glued the wheel slightly skew, so ripped it apart and did it again.

This was the first wheel I did, I was so excited to see what it looked like with paint on I grabbed some silver paint from a rattle can and doused it. The paint reacted with the plastic and left this rough pattern you see. I saw later how skew I had glued the wheel together and redid it, no paint applied yet.

Do you like the colours? The wires are from a cheap headphones, I stripped the outer layer off, the colours are for the ground, left and right wires.

My terrible jig. Scrap wood, a printout and some small nails. Crude but it works.

Did I say MisterCraft? Yes I did! It seems they use the same tooling as the Smer kit, but this one is a tad cheaper.

I am hoping to do a video and photo series of the last wheel in case anyone has an interest in how I did it.

When I have time of course...

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