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RE: Testing the master spool for 3D printing filament

in #printing3d6 years ago

Few years ago we could buy filament without spools. I always feel bad when I have to put empty spool to the bin. Plastic should be recycled but we never know if it will not go to landfill or burned in an incinerator. I would like to eliminate this waste. I hope this concept will become popular among filament producers.
BTW I follow Richrap, even almost built his mini delta printer. I failed in last step, calibrating it.


That's why I always keep them and plan to do build something from them (but never did so far). But I probably will use refill more often. Just got mine from DasFilament today and it literally takes seconds to put it on the master pool and it was cheaper then the PLA i normaly buy.

The price looks good and the colors are great too. Need to order some to try. Thanks for the tip.

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