ChopChop3D Slicer BETA_08 is out ! Having fun with the new Brim algorithm

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Hi guys !

ChopChop3D Slicer BETA_08 is out.
It is a bug fix release.

Follows the changelog:

  • Critical bug fixes at the supports crashing the slicer.
  • Bug fixes to preview correctly the raft.
  • Bug fix to check correctly the bed limits with the raft.
  • Bug fix for the brim to improve robustness.
  • Bug fixes at the DB for chained upgrades.
  • Bug fixes at the slicer updater.
  • Update GUI.
  • Update GUI tooltips.
  • Update French translation.

I was having fun with the new brim algorithm introduced in the previous release.

Very useful for "bas relief" style print, where you can use the brim to secure your part in order to alter the orientation in order to reduce slightly the number of supports you need to use (fast, reliable and improved quality).





The orientation is 20 degrees on the back, it prevents to have the supports on the top side to go down, improving print quality and reducing a lot the amount of supports. The difficulty with a regular brim is that you can have the supports not sticking enough and the whole part will wobble more and more as you print. With the massive brim around you lock the part fully on the XY plane.

A more extreme example is when you have very bad leveling and/or an adhesion issue as shown after. One side fully warped, despite that there was no shifted layer issue on the print.



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