ChopChop3D Slicer BETA_06 is out !

in #printing3d6 years ago (edited)

Hi guys, sorry for this late post ^^

A new release of the slicer is out.

Mainly changes on the Raft.

All extruders settings for the Raft are now fully customizable whether you are using the QuickSlicer or Slicer mode.
They are fully independent from the First Layer settings you have in the QuickSlicer.
Additionally, two new printing phases have been introduced at the scheduler: Raft Thin Infills and Raft Thick Infills.


The raft is built as follows: there is a mandatory "Thick Infill" followed by an optional "Thin Infill", followed by an air gap layer.

Quick Tip

You shall reduce the extrusion flow to help reduce your too sticky raft, even if you have the "good air gap" ^^

There are also important bug fixes in the case of Group feature and operations applied on them.

Happy printing !

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