Neat cube print

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I was browsing instagram trying to build up my social media presence with my 3d business
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Anyways while browsing I spotted this neat model, and so I wanted to give it a go, so I printed the model and the stand for it with a fuzzy skin setting thats why its all bumpy, I think i will consider making a regular one with some fancy filament I have.

Hope you got some value from my post,
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btc man.jpg

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That looks pretty trippy, very cool mate. :o)

A very neat model I am really into this mathematical type art thing

So interesting cube it was made in a 3D printer i mean based in your job, i would like to have a printer for another kind of materials to create some interesting things made in steel because i work in a cnc machine, great job sorry for my english i'm from colombia. Regards

Not a problem thanks for stopping by , not my job I just do it on my own time. Aaa CNC is very nice I want to get one eventually, There are some printers that can do metal but most expensive