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My son asked me yesterday full excitement if I can print him a Ninjago Sai Dagger, of course I couldn't resist and agreed to do so.

Instead of using Fusion360 I used Blender this time to copy the toy Dagger he gave me into a 3d shape.

I took me some time until I finished the design as I haven't used blender for as long time but it worked out eventually.

It took about 4 hours until the print was complete but the time was well spent as my son is very happy with the result.

All the best!

*Very short post today as I am typing this in the cinema waiting for the movie (Equalizer2) to start *

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Super cool stuff you made kids will demand more of them hahah :D


They sure will :-)

pretty cool. more please

Cool, I think your son is really happy now👍


Thank you, yes he really is.

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It's great because it can please the people we love ...
Your son is also very handsome ...


Thank you very much!

@tarekadam, For sure, we can see the smile on your son's face and in my opinion that smile is million dollars for you.

And in my opinion, he is enjoying holding this stuff and in my opinion he really liked your efforts for sure.

And i hope that you really enjoyed your movie time and in my opinion ENTERTAINMENT aspect is really important for sure.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂