3D Printable Beer Bottle Cap - Keep Insects Out Of Your Drink

in print3d •  6 months ago

After taking a swig of beer the other day I ended up with a wasp in my mouth. It was a bit of a nasty surprise for me but I also felt sorry for the wasp. This sparked an idea that I spend a the last few days working on... and here it is!

This easy to clip on beer bottle cover protects your unattended cold beverage from wasps and other insects and wasps and other insects from drowning in your beverage! Apart from it being dangerous, who likes having a bee in their mouth? I have provided a download of the .obj and .gcode model file for all you 3d printer owners here. The images above are of printouts done on my ender 3 with standard PLA. 

The beer bottle cover - making cold beers safe again on mild summer evenings. ;)




Edit: I'm taking the download link down again as the post is not generating any sort of interest so no point leaving my source files flying around the internet.

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