Princess in dream

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"" Princess in dream ""
1st episode
#Writer .. blue bangle.

  • Get up, 9 o'clock, you're not
    You wake up at 9 o'clock
    To give Do not you college today
    There are occasions. (Mother)
  • That's what mother said, at 9 o'clock.
  • No, there's another 15 minutes. (Mother)
  • Why did not you call it before,
    The program will start at 9.
  • Hey, go quickly
    Do not be framed, I'm on the table
    Have breakfast (Mother)
    I got up early and got france,
    Make a little sizzle, light breakfast
    Due to the college in front of
    Gave me
    From our house to the college
    It takes 30 minutes to go.
    Letting it over again, a little walk
    After getting a rickshaw and got it.
    Riksato started to move,
    And I wonder what's about me today
    Will be
    One of my friends is one
    The dragon.
    Everyone came to the canteen at 9
    And now 9:20 pm
    And I'm still in rickshaw.
    Today there is sorrow in my forehead.
    And well, you have mine
    Identity was not given.
    I am Mamun, now in the intermediate year
    Read. And today in our college, our college
    New ceremony
    And all his responsibilities fell
    Us [we
    (I, Shahid, Shuvo, T.
    Nina, Tamanna) with 5 friends
    More than 6 people] over.
    Then came to college.
    Exactly 9:45 o'clock The canteen
    I saw the dragon
    Look at me like this
    Looked at.
    It seems fatal to everyone
    Tanisa looked.
    Our Friend Circle
    Everyone is very afraid of Tanisha.
    That is the Dragon Committee
    And accept whatever they say
    Will be
    Otherwise, one's hair remains calm
    Many are afraid of fear in front
    Gelam, a little away from Tanisha
    I did.
  • Why did you go there,
    Income towards this, (Tania)
    Saying so beautifully, I mean something
    One will happen
    I went to him in fear.
  • Oh, that discount, takes off,
    Aaaaa (I)
  • What did you do with it?
    Hobby ray .. ?? (Tania)
  • You do not have to say (I)
  • Hmmm, no work
    Was busy. (Tania)
  • Well, it's a little late.
  • Aiku .. ??? The rest of the work which is all there is
    You work alone.
    And we're all resting nimu,
    That's your punishment. (Tania)
  • So big for a little delay
    Punishment .. ?? (I)
  • Not for the sake of you, your neck
    If this is your punishment, then you
    It's a little education. (Tania)
  • Why are you all silent?
    Do not say anything. (I)
  • How many times do I say that?
    To come before 9, you let go
    Why (Happy)
  • It's late to wake up
    It's been like, today's size
    Brother (I)
  • Well, well, like today
    Pardon me In the future
    This is not wrong. (Tania)
    Let the father, the Dragon Committee
    President then forgive me
    That is, Allah is His light
    Be sorry.
    At no cost.
    Today many girls make Sajuguju
    My son is a dragon friend 2
    Crushing on the crush
    But I crash in any way
    Can not eat
    My crush is the one I am
    I have seen many times in dreams.
    I dream about that
    Draw a picture of the princess in my heart
    So whom I saw him
    Crush is not eaten.
    All my friends have this matter
    In the air
  • Mr. Mamun, in the present day today
    Many girls came, a man
    Do not find That's yours
    Finding the princess to find
    You're old enough. (Tania)
    I'll be the princess
    Who i want (I)
  • I never found that girl
    No, but remember.
  • Hold on, you are good, your words are yours
    Do not come face to face. ?? (I)
  • That's the worst thing you are
    Hey, though, find that girl
    Side by side, you see that girl
    Deike palaiiba (Tamanna)
  • Ha ha, see that girl
    When I find it, I'll tell you
    Like how,
    You will see everything, the fire is no more
    Flowers like bread. (I)
  • Hey, we've got to go
    How is your choice (Tania)
  • If the time is up .. (I)
  • Well, well, you're the best, this time
    Happy, ?? Let's go home this time. (Happy)
    -Hum, everybody, listen, next
    On Sunday my cousin sister
    Marriage, everyone will be ready.
    Jumu together (I)
  • Aunt Mammu, it's been a long time
    Bia Khaini (Martyr)
    Okay, now everyone is home, and so on
    Be prepared for time. (I)
    Finally, everyone is in time
    I got married.
    We are two days before marriage
    Got married
    So there is a lot of time in hand
    We all are friends with puffs
    Turn the whole circle around
    Was watching Many years later, the puffery
    Coming home came to mind everything
    Looking back. Friends
    I made fun of these two days.
    There is a lot of fun on the night of the yellow hood
    I did, but our friend Shahid
    There were stomach bones and many
    Martyrs had a good quality.
    She sings very well
    Could have
    That day all of us
    Many beautiful songs on request too
    When girls clap hands
    What did he do when he was
    Explaining what the crush was eating
    Can not
    Finally the wedding that is supposedly
    The day came.
    Strangers known to be married
    Many people were seen together
    But in my life it's about
    Jigar friend Shahid is like that
    Crush (bamboo), eat,
    First of all, know all about life
    A girl in the fray
    Then my cousin's sister
    I came to know that girl
    Name Shammi Which means Shahid is
    His name is Shammi.
    And Shammi is my cousin
    Sister's classmate (girlfriend)
    (Next episode is coming .........)
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