How Machine Learning is Changing the Recruitment Industry for the Better?

The current recruitment industry, that lacks quickness, Prime Talent Chain wants to bring in some verve with the advanced technologies available, and Machine Learning is one of them. It is the most valued and beneficial technology accessible to make a recruitment process better or maybe the best.   

What is machine learning?

As the name suggests, we are trying to teach machines to ‘Learn from Experience’ based on the input and output data or just from the input data. We always find the recommendations in a shopping or food delivery app useful. Don’t we? The recommendations you see in an app is because of the implementation of Machine Learning (ML) on the app. Based on everything you search, the Machine Learning connects them to find a pattern and this is how the suggestions appear on your screen. Basically, the machine learns. 

With the input data, the machine learning tries to find a pattern and customizes the responses accordingly. 

How PTC is using Machine Learning?

Machine learning is emerging as a key strategy for unlocking vital information about the candidate at the resume screening and parsing stage. Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ML for resume screening is the best thing that would be happening to the HR industry because it is a very tedious and time-consuming process. Machine Learning is also proving effective to replicate human actions, decision-making, and predictive analysis in matching candidates with a job.

Companies are using Machine Learning algorithms to help resolve the basic queries of jobseekers and serve them with immediate response. If the system is unable to answer, the question is automatically forwarded to the human recruiters. 

PTC is not just employing Machine learning but other technologies also like Blockchain technology, AI, and Big Data for an efficient recruitment process for the job-seeker and the recruiters. Using Machine learning over automated calls and chatbots can make communication better and faster. 

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