Artificial Intelligence and Recruitment are Great Together!


"Great vision without great people is irrelevant."--Jim Collins

The quote is what every hirer has to have in the mind while recruiting. Building a robust team for the company is most basic yet a crucial process. However, finding ‘great people’ is not an easy task especially with the current recruitment system. Prime Talent Chain offers the solution with the use of advanced technologies.

The purpose of any technology is to solve a problem, and not to create a new one. The same is true of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It can reduce the time taken at various stages of the recruitment process. During recruitment, manual screening of resumes takes a lot of time, and the biggest the challenge is to identify the valid profiles from the large pool of applications.

As detailed earlier, this is a daunting task for everyone. In an earlier era, a resume was just a piece of paper with some details. The current scenario is very different, in that you have to show more about your achievements using different mediums like social media, professional certificates, personal or professional projects and many more. The objective of the AI is to automate the hiring process. It is not possible to implement automation in the entire recruitment system since human intervention is necessary at certain points.

Benefits of AI:

Companies are using AI to sort resumes, send emails, or find job seekers. The respond almost like a human, which means that job seekers can get immediate feedback regarding their applications. Complex queries are automatically forwarded to the human recruiters.

Artificial Intelligence can effectively remove a lot of unwanted and fake resumes from the huge resume banks. Applying Artificial Intelligence eliminates the need for manual screening and makes search cycles shorter. With AI, one can reach out to the best candidates in days (not weeks) and save up to 50 percent of the hiring time. With every action, the AI engine becomes smarter.

Using predictive analysis, it learns on its own on when to select or reject a candidate. Moreover, AI also helps in other manual tasks, like rediscovering past candidates, ranking candidates, and matching the right candidates that best fit a job.

This is how AI can be helpful in the recruitment industry. PTC uses Blockchain, Machine Learning and Big Data as well to offer a cost-efficient and quick recruitment. Look out for the crowdfunding dates on  

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