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RE: Hi SteemIt. Are You Interested In Living A Healthier Lifestyle Without Narcotics?

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This article is NOT bad but there's a couple of conspicuous issues that should be pointed out

  • It lacks citations of studies or scientific papers. A properly researched paper will include at least some links to Pubmed or quotations from the abstracts of researchers.
  • It lacks meaningful anecdotes. There should be abundant anecdotal evidence for the benefits described.
  • It lacks honest discussion of the downsides of what's being recommended. 

I don't point out the shortcomings of this article to troll or be negative, I point these out so that @primebody can do a better job in the future. It's not easy to research and properly write a high quality, honest article let's be charitable to the author by assuming that they simply didn't know better. 

Upvote this comment to encourage more rigorous, high quality content here on Steemit. Thanks!


This article really isn't intended to present the scientific backing and studies performed in this industry and by the doctor responsible for the liposomal delivery method used by PrimeMyBody.

In the coming days and weeks we will be posting more information and linking the full published studies relating to the products we sell as well as the lifestyles we practice. Thank you for your input. I hope you will keep an eye out for our future articles.

Great you just earned a follower.

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