Understanding how to own, rent and sell Primalbase Tokens

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The new cryptocurrency PBT (Primalbase Token) is currently a trending topic mainly because of the platforms ability to connect real-estate owners with tech entrepreneurs who are seeking workspaces to rent for their startup or meetings. In this guide, we’ll be covering some important information that you need to know including how to purchase, sell and rent-out your Primalbase Token.

Purchasing Primalbase Tokens

Purchasing Primalbase Tokens is a rather streamlined process and has only two requirements:

  • You create an account on Primalbase.com
  • You purchase Primalbase Tokens using BTC

Purchasing Primalbase, especially at the beginning, should be considered a long-term investment as over the coming year(s), expansion is anticipated to take place which would hike the value of PBT. At the time of writing this release, the only way Primalbase Tokens can be acquired is directly on the main site (Primalbase.com) where you'll be considered to be a "community founder" if a purchase is made.

Once all of the tokens are sold (5,000 Tokens is the market cap), the only possible way to acquire them will be through cryptocurrency exchanges so investors are encouraged to invest now to avoid any possible exchange fees that may be incurred later down the line.

How to sell Primalbase Tokens

Currently, selling Primalbase Tokens (while possible) is not advised as the market as a majority is predicting prices to increase throughout the maturing of this platform. However, Primalbase Tokens can only be sold to Primalbase.com account holders until such time that PBT becomes available on cryptocurrency exchange sites where they can be purchased/sold on the open market.

Renting Primalbase Tokens - What you need to know

Renting your Primalbase Tokens is a great way to begin recouping your investment and in this section we'll discuss how renting your PB Tokens to other users is made possible. Renting your Primalbase Tokens is accomplished through a feature that's built on what's called the "WAVES" protocol.

This feature allows any amount of Primalbase Tokens to be rented while also allowing transfers to either be temporary or permanent.

Any Primalbase Token transfers fall under the category as "peer to peer" transactions and before PBT is transferred to a seller, you will negotiate the terms and pricing before the transfer is finalized.

What's great about PBT are the security features in place that you won’t find with any other cryptocurrency (even BTC). When you rent your coins out, your loan is safeguarded by your own Blockchain and with the way the WAVES protocols work, the Primalbase Tokens cannot be transferred away from the account that you loaned the PBT to.

Technically speaking, the platform understands that the transfer was a loan (and in a way is in "loan status").

Currently, the minimum period of time that a Primalbase Token can be rented out for is three months (with no maximum) however the PBT can be returned to the lenders account before three months is up but this requires mutual consent between both parties involved.

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