La Vendedor - Lesson One

in #price5 years ago

Joey Bodoie stumbled into an intriguing home-based business opportunity and hasn't stopped smiling for days. One of his high school buddies Franko was able to track him down after the two drinking mates had lost contact for almost 40 years. An unexpected call followed by a burger munching meeting at a nearby diner had brought Joey back to life.

"Yo Frankie, do you really think that this is for me?" asked Joey skeptically.

"Hey man, if you can't do it, who can! You have the reputation to resuscitate dead people, right?" teased Franko.

"Not dead people Frankie, you mean dead deals!" Joey reacted instantly.

"Whatever suits your fancy Joey. This opportunity is bigger than life and it can really change your retirement life and you should know what I mean." declared his buddy.

"Selling robots to families, huh!" snickered Joey.

"This is the trend and you know it is true man. Just think about coming home after a long sweaty day and be greeted by a courteous robot that will never say no to all your requests, never!" exclaimed Franko.

Joey leaned over the dinner table and gave his buddy a dubious look before straightening his back. He removed his glasses so he could rub his eyebrows with both hands - a habit that he developed as a salesperson over the years.

"Umm, how many models and what are their costs and suggested selling prices?" asked Joey in a lethargic manner.

"Just a male and a female models and the male one costs $25,000 and the female one costs $27,500. Every model comes with a 10-year warranty and the factory-installed battery lasts for a min. of 10 years. By the way, you get to set your own prices!" Franko stated.

"What about the return policy?" questioned the curious Joey.

"Full refund and no questions asked for the first three months only. What uh deal bro!" giggled his drinking buddy.

"Can I try the female model first for three months Frankie?' requested Joey half-jokingly.

"You bet man. I just need a 10% deposit from you. What I mean is $2,750..." smiled Franko.

"Look Frankie, I ain't going to pay a dime to try your female robot unless I can get it for free, alright! As you said, I can bring dead deals back to life!" Joey sneered.

"Damn man, you are one cheap SOB!" Franko raised his voice deliberately.

"Your choice Frankie baby, your choice!" shrugged Joey.

"What the heck my friend, alright then, you get to play with Karla for 3 months then!" grunted Franko.

"Karla, huh!" laughed Joey.

"Yes you cheap fart, a free Karla for 3 months!" howled Franko.

Stay tuned...

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