@steemprice Update - Ethereum (ETH) & BitShares (BTS) Added + Use & Metrics Changes

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Version 1.1 of the @steemprice Bot is here and although I am only adding live prices for two new Cryptocurrencies the base code has been modified to handle many more currencies in the future. The small bugs experienced I the first version should be a thing of the past. One major problem still exists and that is the backlog capacity of the bot, with it limited to a response every 20 seconds, it could run into problems... if it becomes more popular (we will see).

With the addition of more currencies I have decided to require STEEM or steem for the current STEEM price (no more simple mention) However this will cause the Bot to run into less issues down the road.

@steemprice Current Commands

All responses first require a mention of the @steemprice Bot followed by the Tag (use Tag 1 or Tag 2 - found in chart below)
@steemprice Tag

CryptoTag 1Tag 2*

*Case Sensitive


@steemprice bitshares

As Seen Within The Comments Section Below

If you're wondering why I went with BitShares next, The next 50/50 Cryptocurrency Prediction Contest will be BTS 😉


Now when calling upon any of the available currencies @steemprice Bot will respond with the 24 Hour Volume + $USD Volume.

Vote for @blueorgy as Witness

  1. Go to the witness voting page on SteemIt.com
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the vote box (seen below)
  3. Input my name (blueorgy) and hit vote.
    Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 3.30.57 PM.png
  4. Rejoice in self achievement!

How can I contribute to development of this bot? I'd like to try to make it respond to an amount prefix for a token, e.g. if a user types:

@steemprice 0.24 STEEM

--It would be really cool if it returns the corresponding amount in USD (by simply multiplying 1 STEEM/USD by 0.24), e.g.

$1.271 USD/STEEM
$1.271 x 0.24 == $0.30504
0.24 STEEM == $0.30504 USD
Volume: 59.5655 BTC, 130888 STEEM / Average Price: 0.00045509
Last Updated Thu Aug 3 21:13:11 2017

Good idea , this wouldn't be hard to set up at all , I made the code pretty simplistic , thank you , if I have time tomorrow I'll put it in! I wouldn't need your help on this one but thanks for offering!!

Does this bot offer help/usage instructions?

@steemprice help

Another good idea! Thank you, I'll see if I can get it in while updating for your other idea 💡

$0.13 USD/BTS
Volume: 4719249.04 BitShares ($36877200.0 USD)
Last Updated Tue Aug 1 18:38:12 2017

@steemprice ethereum

$224.07 USD/ETH
Volume: 704756.43 ETH ($157913265.58 USD)
Last Updated Tue Aug 1 18:41:11 2017

@steemprice bitcoin

$2743.86 USD/BTC
Volume: 76016.0 BTC ($208577244.16 USD)
Last Updated Tue Aug 1 19:17:06 2017

can you implement this bot for discord?

$1.096 USD/STEEM
Volume: 16.3483 BTC, 58025 STEEM / Average Price: 0.00028174
Last Updated Tue Sep 19 22:11:35 2017

$1.068 USD/STEEM
Volume: 2.5678 BTC, 9981 STEEM / Average Price: 0.00025725
Last Updated Sat Aug 19 02:02:31 2017

You've got a true talent.

$1.271 USD/STEEM
Volume: 59.5655 BTC, 130888 STEEM / Average Price: 0.00045509
Last Updated Thu Aug 3 21:13:11 2017

test 2 case-insensitivity test @steemprice STEEM

$1.270 USD/STEEM
Volume: 59.5655 BTC, 130888 STEEM / Average Price: 0.00045509
Last Updated Thu Aug 3 21:16:09 2017

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