it's R U OK day today

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It's R U OK day today.
Last week, 2 years ago, my best friend Ev, tragically suicided. He'd been struggling with depression for many years.
He was an amazing soul and a fantastic musician.

I did an FB live 2 years ago after his passing covering one of his songs.
Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 9.15.11 pm.png


I have said so much about this topic throughout the years, that today I am just sitting in silence out of love for the we've lost and out of respect for those that have survived.

Speaking of Silence...

We love you. You are loved. You are needed. You are unique.

It's just a WAVE OF LIFE...

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Sorry your friend died. I also had a friend (male--seems to be more the dudes than the ladies) who committed suicide a couple of years ago and it does suck a lot.


Thanks @choogirl.
Yeah, the stats say that the suicide rates of men are more than 4 times higher than women, and the highest rates are men particularly between 35-65 years of age.