Arts and Music in the Park mental Health Prevention and Awareness

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Redemption Outreach Service, Inc. (R.O.S.I.) nonprofit, Brendan’s Smile Foundation, and are hosting the 2nd annual Arts and Music in the Park on September 2, 2017 between 12:00pm – 6:00pm EST. at Garfield Park. This year’s event Arts and Music in the Park, “Mental Health Prevention & Awareness through the Arts” is uniting with several local mental health agencies that provide various resources and services. The goal of the event is to begin a sustained initiative committed to reducing fear, erasing stigmas, and increasing awareness about mental health.

This family friendly event will feature mental health providers and organizations specializing in the fields of autism, suicide, dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression, drug addiction, schizophrenia, family counseling, and domestic abuse. There will also be an art competition, art auction, live music, awareness presentations, live internet radio and social media broadcasts, vendors, food, fun, and youth friendly initiatives.

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