Kayne West for President: Your thought?

in #presidentlast year

What are your thoughts on the Kayne West for President story?



Personally I think it is amazing. Better some pop-star that what we have right now.

If anything else it will spice things up.

I think this is probably bad for the democrats though.

Looking forward to your thoughts!


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Honestly considering some of his wild tangents he goes on I'd be afraid to see how he handles things.

I'm not saying Trump is perfect, but he is a much better option IMO.

I hope USA will keep their worldwide controller role for world safety, I think a song player have any idea of it!

Truthfully, if I wasn't throwing my vote away on the libertarian, I works on him. Fuck it. America is pretty fucked no matter what right now. Most of its citizens are pretty brainwashed anyway.

I'm not confident on his skills at all. Kanye West is an entertainer primarily. He doesn't have the skills of maintaining a business like Donald Trump does. This is the guy who is worth being a president:

Yes that should be bad for the lefties.