Building Impact with Steemit [Seoul Google Campus Presentation Report]

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Last Friday, we had the opportunity to host our first presentation meetup in Seoul, South Korea at the acclaimed Google campus. Within their main classroom, we invited prominent local Steemians to present on their experiences with the social-media blockchain and what they've been pursuing within the community.

This aligned well with the recent opening of STEEM Park Korea as well with more and more Steemians thinking on how exactly to use STEEM, Steemit, and all of the emerging technical and social resources to grow unprecedented impact.

Here are the brief overviews of user presentations:

  • We, @sndbox, presented on the development of the organization after STEEM Park and our future plans for STEEM-blockchain-based project growth. We showed a number of more sneak peeks of our upcoming project applications as well.

  • @successtrainer and @roychoi respectively presented on the reason for STEEM Park Korea, it's process, and the upcoming opening. They explained the inspiration from the original Brooklyn-based project and how they pursued a different strain of cultural impact on the peninsula.

  • @lklab2013 narrated his work in building his own house in the Korean suburbs and sharing that knowledge on Steemit. He plans to integrate his building into the overall social programming of Steemit KR in the coming months.

  • @venti illustrated his ideas and concepts of “Steem City,” and the concept of creating specialized local accounts that grow a community from the ground up. Particularly with the increasingly difficult living and economic conditions of young people today in Seoul, he plans to begin enacting alternative life trajectories by integrating with social-media blockchain applications.

Pecha Kucha Strategy

In the fields of architecture and design, we maintain a presentation/conference strategy that maximizes exposure and discussion. A “pecha kucha” has a line-up of several short (usually 5-10 minutes) presentations on a certain topic or within a particular profession. Various practitioners give a concise explanation and visual package of their work. This is ended with a broad discussion of general themes and ongoing thoughts.



Previous meetups in Korea were focused on pure relationship building – unstructured and meant to be overall ice-breakers. Having a targeted presentation model started to give these gatherings forward-looking purpose and organize like-minded Steemians together.

As you can see from the presentation descriptions, we were surprised to see a common strain that connected each person's ambitions of built impact. This form of presentation allowed more freeform discussion and ideation in the perfect setting, laying the foundation for more things to come.

More Coming from KR...

Now with the completion of STEEM Park Korea, the KR community is ready to pursue more projects on the ground that prove the potential of Steemit and the force of this community. @sndbox will be working closely with the team to set up some exciting new projects in the near future, so stay tuned!

  • Dinner with the presenters

Thank you to all the presenters and those who joined the event! We'll have the video recordings from the livestream online on our Youtube channel soon.


It was very nice experience~!!
Thank you for introducing :)

Our pleasure @successtrainer! We're always happy to have you and support your work when we can.

Every time a stunning and a valuable post from you

Thanks for reading!

nice post
please upvote & comment back.

WOW. that's great initiative.
More power @sndbox

Thanks for the support @dante01!

반가운 분들이 많이 참여 하셨군요.
언제나 열열한 응원 보내고 있답니다.

really awesome ideas! I'm particularly fascinated with @venti 's Steem city! Would love to see that become a reality

Steem on.

Yes, it's certainly a big vision and we're excited to see how it unfolds as well.


고맙습니다 브로님!

Unfortunately could not shared much due to lately joined. Will be happy to know more about your project with thanks~^^

There will always be future opportunities to discuss and collaborate! Thank you for joining us afterwards @leemikyung님!

Unfortunately could not shared much due to lately joined. Will be happy to know more about your project with thanks.............

What an emotion, I want to see all the progress you can achieve. my best wishes, greetings.

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