Announcing our Presentation at the World Bank [Showcasing Steem as a Resilient Global Resource]

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Resource Resilience for the 21st Century

We’re extremely excited to announce that @sndbox will be traveling to the World Bank Headquarters in Washington D.C. to present at a roundtable regarding financial and infrastructural resiliency in West Africa and Southeast Asia. Our talk titled; “Blockchain Resiliency + Community Impact” will showcase the many community-building initiatives specifically within the Steem ecosystem.

@voronoi and @hansikhouse will both serve as panelists throughout the afternoon of presentations. We expect an exciting, controversial and deeply interdisciplinary scope of talks surrounding coastal infrastructure, urban planning for housing, ecology and finance policy for public realm projects.

  • Roundtable Title: “Resilience in Africa and Asia: Implementing Outside the Box thinking to everyday development challenges.”
  • Location: The World Bank, Washington D.C.


What is the World Bank Group?

The World Bank is a 72 year-old financial institution that provides loans to countries for capital programs. It is one of the largest institutions globally, worth close to $252.8 billion dollars (in capital). The Bank is headquartered in Washington, D.C. in the United States, and has over 10,000 employees stationed in 120 offices worldwide. The loans they provide countries are used for a wide range of projects concerning health, agriculture, infrastructure, climate change and environment.

The goal of this roundtable is to cultivate a discussion surrounding the benefits of new technologies as they relate to parts of the world that are especially vulnerable to climate change. The word “resiliency” refers to stability and adaptability. Urban planners have been using this term a lot recently as they find themselves designing plans for coastal regions that are prone to flooding and extreme weather conditions.

“Resiliency” also applies to finance. And this is where Steem (and the blockchain) comes in. As part of our presentation, we’ll discuss the benefits of utilizing Steem as an accessible monetary infrastructure that can be applied towards at-risk regions around the world.


Why was @sndbox invited to participate?

This is our original wheelhouse, and we’re excited to loop newfound knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain back into the discipline we started out within. The two of us have a background in architecture and urban planning. We see a unique opportunity here to showcase blockchain and the STEEM ecosystem as a transformative network that can be utilized to better understand developing cities (both socially and financially).

One big aim of this event at the World Bank is to expose global financial leaders to the decentralized model of STEEM. Despite having what seems like an enormous budget, the centralized network of the World Bank is very traditional and lacks an infrastructure to connect with regions that need it most. This is an “accessibility” problem and one they are searching to provide technological solutions for.

Ever since our first shared account @hitheryon, we’ve been trying to bridge the world of development and design with cryptocurrency. Since we’ll be presenting alongside leading designers and academics, this should prove to be a fertile opportunity for forward-looking discourse!

What would you like us to ask the World Bank Group?

This will be a rare opportunity to meet leaders in various development and design sectors, working across the globe. We’d like to open it up to the Steemit community if anyone has particular questions they would like asked on these topics.

So let us know what you think! Steem on!

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this is truly incredible and I'm thrilled and impressed! The potentials of this short term and long term are kind of mind-boggling and frankly, just the presentation itself is powerful since you'll be introducing ideas that will open all the attendees' minds and eventually that will affect their problem solving. So cool.....


Thank you @natureofbeing! It will be good to showcase a model that works and can solve problems right now. Steemit is proof of this, so it will be exciting to get the ball rolling and see what ideas can be implemented short vs. longterm!

I think Steem or decentralisation technology is something that Nassim Nicholas Taleb might describe as antifragile, which is something that gains from disorder / volatility, and is the mathematical opposite of fragile. Resilience is somewhere in the middle!


what a perspective and to me this further confirms the evolutionary nature of decentralization tech - not just revolutionary.

This is gangster! (I typed fantastic, but it autocorrected to gangster. Go figure.) Keep up the great work!


Hahah, we'll take that typo any day :)

Thanks for your support @dougkarr!

I know you guys will do an excellent job. And yes, the technological use of the blockchain will be the key for them to be opened to work with Steem maybe. I have no particular asks to the Bank, you better have better ones. Maybe... maybe. ok! Are you in pro of using the Blockchain as a model to improve a better political order against corruption in the countries in where it's needed? Lol. just joking. Better dont ask that! The best of the lucks @sndbox team! I have see you directly from the Steemfest (in youtube :( and you both got the touch... great presentation will be in there.


Thanks so much @leotrap! Surely, we'll speak to the transparency of blockchain applications and as a measure to combat corruption. That will surely be a sensitive topic, but an absolutely imperative one for a organization like this to tackle head on.


That's the answer @voronoi! That's the answer. Enjoy with @hansikhouse the Xperience. You will have some fun with the Bankers Students. See how deeply things are changing with this is wonderful! Cheers @sndbox team, and we wait for know more about that.

Wow.. This is huge! Sndbox is already going places. Introducing Steem into the discussions will really be a good way to promote Steem. I don't really have any question for you to ask now, would reply this if any comes up. I'm so happy to be a member of this great community.


Yeah! im pretty similar to you thinking!


Thanks so much for your support @jaff8! We'll do our best to promote it well :) of course, let us know if any questions come up!

"Dear World Bank group,

To what extent are you currently exploring and researching decentralized economic systems as potential solution-bringers to 3rd world countries financial issues?

To what extent do you see these new economic systems become a large part of every day life?"

Good luck, @voronoi and @hansikhouse with the discussions!


This is a fantastic question, thank you @fitzgibbon! We hope to bring decentralized economic infrastructure to the forefront of discussion. (Though that will surely be controversial, it will also provide opportunities for them to solve major accessibility issues.)


I work in a software company in a sales role, when I'm presenting a solution to an audience I usually just flip the roles and ask them why the presented solution would work for them. It forces the public to accept the idea mentally and then apply it to their use case and discover what the advantages could be.

FYI That is the general idea behind the questions.


Good strategy! We'll make sure to use it :)

Hopefully this roundtable really becomes a back and forth conversation that continues beyond Monday and into real solutions.

You have an interesting opportunity here. Maybe ask them how they see using blockchain's transparent record keeping to clean up the corruption and abuse that they are best known for.


It is sure to be an interesting experience. Corruption could be a big topic. We hope to be productively up-front about what the infrastructural issues currently are and how they can be managed more effectively.

Hello @sndbox ,
I must confess that I am so excited that such a huge project will take place and most importantly, west Africa will be in the plan, which means Nigeria as well is likely to be considered, also provision of loans for agriculture which is my field and which will as well help to improve the economy around here .... It is nice with the introduction of Steem blockchain as well into such a program, though I am still wondering how it will be implemented ... But I must commend your effort in promoting our dear Steem in such a meeting ...

And on the question part, I will still keep them for now, all I want to do now is wish you guys the best at the presentation ... Thanks for sharing this here with us on steemit....


Thank you so much for the supportive feedback @dray91eu! West Africa and Nigeria in particular will certainly be a big topic of discussion. Agriculture is a big aspect of World Bank activity and we hope they take blockchain seriously as a vehicle to improve financial access for farmers.

We look forward to reporting back on the event.


Wow, can't wait to get report on this and i am so much excited in seeing this plan actualizing ... In the nearest future ..

Keenly waiting for your updates from the confrence.


This is great! I am involved with a start-up NGO operating in the US and Liberia, called "Touch A Life Liberia", or TALL. Our mission is to heal the educational, medical, and spiritual wounds created by 15 years of civil war.
We have 2 water projects currently underway, with a larger goal of purchasing 100 acres and building a boarding school, medical center, and church.
Over the past few weeks I have been thinking of how to use blockchain technology for the advancement of Liberia, with the main areas being elections (which they are currently going through the first democratic transfer of power since 1944), transparency of government to eliminate corruption and fraud, and disbursement of services.
I would be very interested to get a transcript or recording of the discussion, if at all possible. Sorry this is so long, but it has really got me thinking!


@swenger thanks for the awesome comment and information about TALL! We'll definitely try to get it filmed somehow, at the very least we'll provide a breakdown of takeaways and share it next week. Looking forward to learning more about Touch A Life Liberia, exciting work! Please keep us posted.

Thanks for your post 😄

Upvote and follow me @moexyn19 please

Guys that is amazing news! Good luck for the discussions. I am so lucky to work with you and be part of it.

You are a company based on cryptocurrency and with cryptocurrency funding you have done real-world environmental management and architectural projects (Steem Park). We can do this in a lot of sectors. For example, education. Highly educated schools financed by cryptocurrency can be made. In this way, both the third world countries are developed for education. The budget that governments allocate to education can be diverted to energy or other sectors. Inadequate and poor quality education is the problem of many countries. Do they intend to prepare a business plan for this? Or what can be done for it?


Thanks for your support @monomyth! What's this quote from? Or is this a question for us?

Education is a big one. Democratized information will certainly be a big topic.


Yes, it is my question for you and World Bank.

Thanks for sharing ~^^

Would be interesting to pitch Steem as a means to help with poverty in certain parts of the world. You can buy a meal with just about 1sbd in some places, the potential is huge.

All the best @sndbox!

Please share if there will be a Youtube/Facebook LIVE link!

Congratulations on this opportunity! Am sure you will achieve much... All the best!! 💪

good luck! i hope you can achieve your goal!

nice good job

I have so much confidence in you guys that you will surely deliver, I will like you to convince them at the world Bank beyond every reasonable doubt about what anyone who tends to ignore the plea or subscribe to what the blockchain is bringing to the table tends to loose in the future as it is a major tool for community development every government is clamoring for and better standard of living

nice post i like this post

that's great