Hello! Its me, Eniathebeyonder...

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My real name isn't really relevant or important. Just call me by my name as a writer, Eniathebeyonder. I love reading comics and fiction and writing about anything to spend my time I live in the three worlds and I have a modest family.

I have a Beninese bachelor D of science and a diploma in data entry I have a good rating in philosophy, french, geography, and English.

The categories of stories I read are anything about superpowers, history, comedy, technology, relationships...

I'm also very passionate about science, anything related to AI, robotics and will like to one day learn and build a business around it.

As a writer, I write books, motivation content, and articles to give my perspective or preference about things, marketing content.

I'm planning to write comic books one day cause I love it so much and already working on a comedic serial book for fun.

Im on twitter, facebook, instagram, read.cash, publish0x, nose. cash, and others.

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Have a nice day.

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