Configure Presearch as default search engine and start earning for address bar searches! 🙌

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Good evening fellow steemians!

I have covered Presearch in greater detail in my previous post (available for reading here). In this post I am going to show you a way to configure Presearch as your default search engine to start earning seamlessly with every search you make through the address bar.

Image of Presearch

Default search engine setup:

Congratulations! Every time you use your address bar to search now you will automatically earn 0.25 PRE tokens. It is also recommended to set "On start up" to "Open the New Tab page" in the settings. This way you will always be using the address bar for searching and earn with every search.

You can bookmark the following link to check every once in a while how much have you accumulated and to make sure you are still logged in.

Have you already configured Presearch as your default search engine? Let me know in the comments!


Quite an important posting as it was a bit tricky to teach my ChromeBook how to handle that!

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