Blockchain search engine is another big development. Great interview, thanks Ken.

it's great we will have real options for internet searching. Google does a really good job of searching and finding what your looking for but the cost is too high. we are mined for our personal information and preferences and then barraged with subtle and not so subtle ads so we can be good little consumers. great to have decentralized options for our browsing.

Its refreshing to hear that there are people out there looking to protect us instead of destroy us.

is it working right now ? do we have to register in presearch before we look for something there ?

wow thats a great news . really you have come up with the great news. decentralized communities will de throne strong centralized communities for sure. sooner or later it has to happen.

I'm using it. It lets you search from a large number of search engines. Here's the live link to setup an account:

I'd like to resteem this. Can you please repost?

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