PreSearch ICO is the First to Launch on FutureNet, the next Facebook That Pays The People in Bitcoin

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Finally there is a competitor coming to the market to challenge Google. A new ICO is launching now called PreSearch that is a decentralized search engine, powered by the community.


Launching an ICO successfully is dependent on mainstream exposure to get the attention of those interested in investing in them before they hit the exchanges. PreSearch has done a great job getting the word out about their ICO being recently featured on CNBC as being recommended by one of the top crypto asset managers in the United States, Tim Enneking. They were also just featured recently in Bitcoin Magazine .

Now ICO's like PreSearch are tapping into a new Bitcoin community that has over 1.6M+ Bitcoin users in it to help spread the word about their project. FutureNet is the the next social media advancement that pays the people in Bitcoin every 15 minutes. The new social media platform has gone viral since it's launch now almost two years ago since it is the world's first encrypted and uncensored social media site.

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PreSearch felt that FutureNet lined up with the same vision - that it is time for the people to control social media and the power of search engines so corporations such as Google and Facebook. It's time for us to put an end to these corporations invading our online privacy while profitting doing so.

With the upcoming Lot 3 Crowdsale which will begin September 7th 2017 @ 10 AM ET, PreSearch is looking to get the attention of the quickly growing base of Bitcoin users at FutureNet. This is the first ICO to ever launch of FutureNet and so far the response from the online community has been very positive.

You can join the head of PreSearch Colin Pape in FutureNet on his link:

Also be sure to once you join FutureNet to "like" and recommend the official PreSearch fan page here:


Here is what PreSearch is all about and how it works:

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I recommend that you enter you will get 50 free WCX Tokens and 15% if you want to invest, this currency is now in the PRE-ICO stage and is the best time to invest!


OK. BitcoinRyan Post about #Presearch was excellent, it had the details in summary and i am looking forward to September 7th. But you come up recommending WCX Tokens with a referral link. My Point is i don't know what you are pitching