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I think one of the hardest parts about an administration in the event of catastrophy will be how the "leader" is chosen; everyone wants to lead but not everyone is capable of leading.

Being a good facilitator can be difficult.


Yeah i agree. Selecting a leader is a whole different aspect of group dynamics... I would tend to go for a group decision/commitee for larger groups and single leader for smaller groups.

haha! hey preppervetuk is this your first video? well it is for me anyway I thought it was great, you have a very confident, professional tone and presence and I think it's super savvy to not show your face.
I had a question but it was answered in the comments.
great guidelines and very thought-provoking. what is on your back?


Thanks @janton - I have a string of videos on YouTube PVUK - I find it more convenient to use SteemIt.
The item on my back is a super strong trekking umbrella.


howdy again today sir preppervetuk! oh ok, a super strong trekking umbrella. ya know what I've never seen an umbrella used or listed as a prepper item before. but apparently you list it as one?


Yeah, definately a good item... I carry a strong one becuase it can be used as a defensive item for people and animals and is an instant rain protector.

Good info about the buddy system within a group. Buddy checks for bites, rashes, signs of infections, ticks, etc works perfectly with that arrangement too. I agree with daily group meetings. Need to function as a cohesive team. Great info and thank you for sharing your experience with us. It could make the difference for some one.


Surviving the 'main event' will just be the start of the struggle for most people... If they aint got their shit squared away, it'll be even grimmer.
As Preppers, we all know this.... Some people learn the hard way.
Thanks for dropping by.

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