No, just getting by, LOL! But if you were local, I'd be happy to train you in what I do know.

But, we'll just have to do what we can here for now!

Be blessed.


Or maybe, you could settle down on this side of the world for a change some time lol

Yea, constantly learning from you

I would love to take that trip!

I have a building project at a Christian school in Kenya. The money I've been sending, has gone to concrete to make cement blocks. They have over 50 orphans there now, and that is how I found them originally.

This is what it looked like this week:


Six new classrooms, and I would love to see them; and hug the beautiful children!

Maybe you can meet me there, and we can paint it?


I am actually pumped and very interested in the project, when are you planning to move? I hope i'l be able to make it, roam around the beautiful country and meet them beautiful people. I heard there are beautiful forests as well, plus if the visa works same like it works for Europe where we can go several countries with the same visa, that would be nicer, lets do this

Trying to move right now but have been delayed by medical problems. There are no visas required here no papers for travel. You want to go somewhere you just go, and there are some very very nice forests. For me it would be a number of years before I could even consider travel because I've got to get everything functional at the homestead running the way I need it first.

This is on the homestead:

This is my land, you can see the 27 foot travel trailer that I bought on the upper left-hand side of the picture :

My homestead is to the right:

So I don't have to go very far to see nice trees, LOL!


yeah, it will suit more if done in a year or two. The visas will get sorted because of course as a tourist you can go places.

Your place is so calming and good looking, I dream of living near to nature as well one day.

If it is that you have to go far, it's not bad either, to be honest, you could walk more every day and apparently be helped with dropping some more fat ;)

Hey, who's fat? LOL.

Here within the USA, there's no need for papers; you just go where you want to go. The Liberals that are in DC are trying to change that, because they're fascist!

I did like the place immediately when I saw it, and it is nice and cool in the summer time and warmer in the winter. Having that much water real close buffers the temperature. First time I was there it was about 10 degrees cooler on the property that it was everywhere else. I do like the property! It's going to be a nice place to live.


By the way, the school in Kenya has the roof done now!
They are doing great work!

The short building on the right, is one of the old school buildings.