The Story Behind The Picture - Landslide - Bosnia 1994

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Bosnia, 1994. The Former residents of Yugoslavia had been under tension and strife for 2 years. Economic collapse, ethnic cleansing, war, mass movement of people and a WROL (Without Rule Of Law) situation. Those who got out were the lucky ones. As with all disastrous situations and circumstances, knowing when to get out or Bug Out, is key to survival.


In a small corner of the Balkans, amidst a conflict, heavy rains and winds batter the already tense and difficult scenario. Scarce food, clean water, fuel and medical supplies are all in demand. Late that night, when most were sleeping, the earth dealt one more kick in the nuts.

Disasters in Warzones.jpg
Just when you think it cannot get any worse! A large landslide lets rip and thunders down the side of a hill with the speed of an avalanche. The folks in the 3 houses that now lay beneath the mud and rock probably didn't know what hit them. They probably thought it was some nearby artillery fire.
I was at the aftermath the following morning and took this photograph. An unknown number of people lay under the mud, the road was consumed and blocked too. Who cared? Who knows! Just another statistic.
This is the story behind the photograph.

My point

If you are preparing for any type of #Disaster or event, never get complacent! Once you have survived the initial wave of danger, there may be other dangers on the horizon. RE-SET yourself! Get back into a state of mind that ensures your survival. Tragedy can and will strike when you never expect it.
Don't take your eye off the ball - STAY SAFE.

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How very true. You have to keep ever vigilant. Just because the fighting is not in our neighborhood, doesn't mean other nature won't take a swing. We live on the Pacific ring of fire, meaning we have active volcanoes less than 40 km from us. We are also sitting very close to a fault line between two tectonic plates. This means a greater possibility of tsunamis and earthquakes. Add to that the chances of hurricanes forming off the coast. We are half a km from the beach. We are prepared for the worst all the time. Political upheaval was an added glitch as was needing to house 21 people in our compound...💩 happens. Either learn to go with the flow or perish.

howdy sir preppervetuk! wow that was a tragic story. thank you for depressing me. lol. no your point is well taken and great advice. Ceci has a great comment as well. great post!

Good point and a memorable method for the lesson. Thanks for the reminder!! I can't believe I missed this post.

Great advice and so true. When we first started prepping, it was so overwhelming trying to prep for everything. I literally went through a grieving period where I would just burst into sobs at any given point throughout the day. I was stockpiling everything I could just in case! Even if it was something I wouldn't use, I thought, perhaps I can barter with this! Anyway, as time went on we got a better sense of what we really need and decided to change how we live. A very simple example is rather than stock toiletries and cleaning supplies is that I stock baking soda, vinegar and castille soap. I can use those 3 things to replace countless products. They're cheap, easy to store and multi-purpose. I guess my point is, we kept reassessing what we were doing with our preps and what needed to change. We went from hoarding to being as sustainable as possible and we're still constantly changing. Constantly reassessing is key!


Sounds like a good progression and use of substances. What's more important is that you still had some form of contingency, no matter how elaborate or multi use it was.
Just natural Prepper progression i suppose....
Great Comment... Thanks.


@preppervetuk I've always been the person people go to when they need something. Even as a kid, I would tuck away extra bandages, hair ties, a granola bar, an extra pencil, a toothpick, a safety pin, etc... You just never know! 😆

But yes, the progression from terrified hoarder to confident self-sustaining survivor took loads of stress off me. It was also a shift in perspective. I think my prepping caused others to feel uncomfortable as they would accuse me of living in fear. I would respond by asking if they had any type of insurance (life, death, auto, medical) and given their definition, how was that any different? I then went on to tell them I was living in confidence rather than fear. 😎

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