The leader of voting pre-ICO projects from July 31 - Fluence

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Summing up one more day of pre-ICO projects. As usual, 3 projects participated in the voting:

1) Bitok Dice - crypto-currency casino: Results: 5 for and 19 against.

2) Fluence - a decentralized encrypted database: Results: 21 for and 5 against.

3) ATLANT - Real Estate Blockchain Platform: Results: 9 for and 4 against.

And some info about the leader:

Name: #Fluence – a decentralized encrypted database

About: Fluence – a decentralized encrypted database for sensitive data, which is secured by blockchain technologies. We are building the platform like Storj, but for structured data where miner nodes will execute data queries. Fluence makes possible creating decentralized apps where users control their data, can share and monetize it.


Pre-ICO Date: August 7, 1 PM UTC - August 15

ICO Date: Q4 2017

🚀Special conditions: bonus 100-300% during Pre-ICO🚀

Russian version:

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