The leader of voting pre-ICO projects from July 30 - Solar DAO

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Pre-ICO followers of the channel Preicoved  help every day to choose perspective projects!

Yesterday it was Solar DAO. PV Solar Plants construction through crowdfunding ☀️

Sollar DAO collected:

27 - "YES"

10 = "NO"

Name: Solar DAO - PV Solar Plants construction through crowdfunding ☀️

About: Solar DAO is closed-end investment fund on Ethereum blockchain. 

It will raise funds with ICO and invest to PV solar plants construction across the globe. Main purpose is continuously increase total power capacity.

Funds will be raised on ICO for tokens. 

Tokens reflect Solar DAO shares and grant access to 100% of fund profits provided by all owned solar plants. 

Profit will be distributed quarterly with ETH on tokens holders' wallets.

Solar DAO team work in solar energy field since 1991. 

Implemented 70 MW PV plants in Europe. 

Developed 420 MW in CIS. Dedicated 4 production facilities of PV cells and modules.


Pre-ICO Date: LIVE NOW and till August 31 

ICO Date: October 2017

🚀🚀Special conditions: 100% bonus till August 2🚀🚀

Russian version:

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