The leader of voting pre-ICO projects from July 28 - IMMLA

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Continue to publish leader of Telegram choice. We vote for project in Pre-ICO. Yesterday it was IMMLA -   International Multimodal Logistic Application .

IMMLA collected:

23 votes - YES

5 votes - NO

Best results among all projects! 

Name: #IMMLA - International Multimodal Logistic Application

About: IMMLA (International MultiModal Logistic Application) is the first multimodal logistics service with a decentralised system of transportation, document workflow and payments. The mission of IMMLA project is a simple, clear and convenient interaction between the owner of cargo and the transporter on all stages of the freight transport.

Pre-ICO Date:  July, 15 2017 - July, 30 2017
ICO Date: September, 15 2017 - October, 15 2017
Special conditions: ~43% — Yield to the price in the ICO phase.
Russian Version: 

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