The leader of voting pre-ICO projects from July 27 - Wabi

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Continue to publish leader of Telegram choice. We vote for project in Pre-ICO. Yesterday it was Wabi with  secure authentication technology Walimai.

Wabi collected:

25 votes - YES

8 votes - NO

Good results!

Name: #Wabi - secure authentication technology
About: WaBi (蛙币) secure authentication technology, creates a missing link between digital and physical worlds for consumer products.
Unique IDs for every physical object, RFID based, protected by dynamic passwords and physical features of labels. Consumers use mobile phone to scan and authenticate.

Pre-ICO Date: July, 28 - 9:00 UTC (already today!) starts and will end in 21 days or until the moment when the project raises $ 300 000
ICO Date:  September  2017
Special conditions:  50% discount!
Russian Version: 

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