The leader of voting pre-ICO projects from July 26 - KICKICO

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Yesterday I opened a new channel in Telegram, where there will be only Pre-ICO projects.

Here I will spread the leader of the day by voting (right inside the channel you can vote for projects). Ok, let's go!

KICKICO collected 25 votes for investing in it and 19 against. This is the best result for July 26. Of course, the result is ambiguous, but it's the best.

Info from our channel:


About: KICKICO is a platform for safe and easy fundraising for ICO, preICO, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting. Our goal is to create a platform that will not collapse the Ethereum blockchain in the case of a lot of raised funds, and to provide people from all over the world with an easy and convenient way to encourage investments in their projects.

Unlike many other similar projects that have entered the market recently, KICKICO is not another clone created without understanding the problems of the ICO and crowdfunding markets, the difficulties faced by authors, and the needs of investors or backers. KICKICO takes care of all difficulties that the authors will face when creating ICO campaigns and distributing their tokens, and relieves the crowdfunding project authors of bureaucracy and incredibly high fees. However, foremost, KICKICO is unique due to its economic system based on its own KickCoins cryptocurrency, designed to protect investors and backers from failed or fraudulent campaigns, as specified below, in the Crowdfunding section.


Pre-ICO Date: 28 July 2017, 13:00 UTC

ICO Date:  the end of August 2017

🚀 Special conditions:  50% discount from ICO price 🚀

Youtube video:

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