The leader of voting pre-ICO projects from August 4 - LastWill

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 And again! It so happened that on August 3, all projects scored more dislikes than likes, so yesterday there was no post about the leader.But on August 4 there were interesting projects and good results: 

1) Paragon - PROTOCOL OF DECENTRALIZED  WORLDWIDE  NETWORK. 12 for and 14 against (-2).

2) Granite - Learning Chain. 13 for and 5 against (+8).

3) Lastwill - what if you die tommorow? 32 for and 4 against (+28). Best results among all projects ever!

Some info about leader:

Name: #Lastwill - what if you die tommorow?

About: Transfer of human savings in various circumstances is regulated at the state level and does not apply to crypto-currencies. 

Relatives do not have the opportunity to use person’s savings in the event of a sudden illness or in the event of a loss of life. 

The Last Will project is dedicated to solving this problem and distributing user’s tokens depending on the circumstances. 

It is implemented by means of smart contracts and a unique method of confirming events.


Pre-ICO Date:  NOW LIVE and till 17 August 2017 - 15:00 UTC

ICO Date: September, 4 - September, 26 2017

🚀Special conditions: discount 50%🚀

Russian version:

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