The leader of voting pre-ICO projects from August 2 - Votes

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It so happened that on August 1, all projects scored more dislikes than likes, so yesterday there was no post about the leader.

But on August 2 a real battle ensued with the following participants:

1) VOTES - international platform for taking votes: 21 for and 6 against (+15).

2) Memessenger - messenger with memes: 28 for and 34 against (-6). The leader by the quantity of participants. 

3) Fixcoin - token is backed by all world business: 17 for and 10 against (+7).

Some words about the leader:

Name: #VOTES - international platform for taking votes

About: VOTES is an international platform for taking votes of any level. It uses Blockchain technologies and smart contracts providing transparency and honesty of polls, votings, elections, testings, and other activities on the base of the platform.

At the present moment, VOTES is based on the project. More than 10 mln people have become the users of the service during the whole time of its existence. Among the system’s clients there are such large companies as Samsung, Bosch, Adidas and tens of thousands of other companies.

VOTES is intended to take the world community to a new level of democracy. 



ICO Date: October 2017

🚀Special conditions: 50 discount from ICO round 1🚀

Russian version:

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